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CFX Wheel #1

CFX Wheel #1

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CFX Color Wheels: The Basics: MUD Character / FX make-up is a versatile series of colours used to create a wide range of effects and characters. These colors are specifically chosen by Make-up Designory’s artists to be used as they are, or to be mixed together. Whether you are doing a ghastly wound for an injury make-up or a delicate capillary for a detailed old age, Make-up Designory Character / FX Make-up will hold up under the stresses of today’s most difficult productions.

Intense pigmentation / Smooth crème formula / Unlimited character options.

The CFX/FX wheels are designed for creating a variety of injuries including cuts and bruises with a formula designed to hold up under today’s extreme production environments, these innovative color wheels will help you achieve a wide range of unique character looks.

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