MUD Continuing Education and Saturday Enrichment Workshops offer a range of flexible hours to suit your busy schedule.

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Recognising the need of working make-up artists and other industry professionals to be able to broaden and increase their knowledge, Make-Up Designory has created a series of part-time courses. These courses are held conveniently at MUD’s main campuses, MUD Studios and Partner Schools throughout the country and internationally.

MUD Studio courses are based on the same great educational methodology and teacher training that has helped to make MUD a bedrock in make-up education. The courses are pulled from the same curriculum that comprises the longer programs at MUD, but are broken up into smaller modules. These modules can be taken separately or combined, allowing the student to transfer their education to one of MUD’s main campuses.

A simple concept with lots of opportunities

With two main campuses in Los Angeles and New York along with our network of Partner Schools and MUD Studios, Make-up Designory strives to bring the best in make-up education to both the novice and experiences artist. MUD courses are designed along strict curricula with defined goals and our teachers are trained to help you meet and exceed those aspirations.

The new MUD studio courses give you the opportunity to enhance your knowledge, add to your passion for make-up artistry or to help re-position you toward a new career.

The standardised curriculum and focused teacher training of the MUD staff, allows you to have the same level of quality regardless of where you take a MUD course. In fact, the courses can be taken at one location or at different locations. Despite which location you choose, your course records are tracked and certifications are delivered though the MUD corporate offices in California.

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Make-up Designory has courses and groups of courses to meet just about any need. Most of the classes below require Beauty Essentials as a prerequisite. All classes are also offered as continuing education for make-up professionals. We have developed our courses to build upon one another, so that students will benefit from the combined materials and the progressive nature of the curriculum.

Students are allowed to take any combination of classes they may deem necessary, however we strongly urge students to speak with and Admissions Adviser to ensure the student is choosing classes that will help their career goals. We create groups of classes or programs to illustrate possible combinations that are designed to provide comprehensive training in various aspects of make-up artistry.

Students who complete Beauty Essentials will be certified as a Level I Make-up Artist. Students who complete Beauty Essentials, Airbrush, Bridal Make-up, Studio Make-up, and High Fashion Make-up Trends will receive the Level II Make-up Artist certification and become eligible to transfer to a main campus program having completed the equivalent of Beauty 101: Fundamentals of Beauty Make-up.

Students who complete Beauty Essentials, Airbrush, Bridal Make-up, Studio Make-up, High Fashion Make-up Trends, Essentials of Hair styling, Special Make-up Effects and Portfolio Development will receive the Level III Make-up Artist certification and again will be eligible to transfer to a main campus program, however this program is designed as a comprehensive program to meet the needs of students staying in a local market. Please note that some classes and programs may not be available at all locations.

A Certificate and Card are awarded for successful completion of any course or group of courses.

Enrolment Process

In order to enrol in any Make-Up Designory (MUD) course of study, students must fist complete a student application form. This must be submitted with payment of the applications fee. Students in all courses must be 18 years f age or have parental consent.

As a part of the enrolment process and before securing a seat in class, all potential students are required to complete an interview process. The interview process includes a formal conversation with an Admissions Adviser and extends into interaction with other departments via phone conversations, e-mail correspondence , and in-person meetings. During the formal conversation, our Admissions Advisers will gain pertinent information from the prospective student to determine educational and career goals. It also allows the prospective student to ask our Advisers questions about the school and discuss expectations. The rest of the interview process is based on interaction with the faculty and staff at MUD; this helps us to determine if the prospective student is a good fit four our school. We have set a high level of standards for our students and graduates and it is important that our student body accurately reflects that by demonstrating a professional demeanour and good communication skills. If we determine that any part of the interview process has not met our expectations, we reserve the right to deny enrolment based fully or in par on our decisions from our interview process.

Student Application Forms may be obtained from the school or through an Admissions Adviser. MUD class size is limited, and availability is determined on a first-come, first-served basis. For this reason, students are encouraged to enrol as soon as possible. In order to complete the enrolment process students must confirm that they have secured their finances to attend school and sign the Enrolment Agreement.

Attendance Policy

MUD students are expected to treat class responsibilities in a professional manner. This includes arriving in class on time and being prepared for the day's assignment. MUD instructors and staff expect each student to be in the classroom, with the station set up and ready for work at the beginning of each class. As graduation requirements are partially based on attendance, students must avoid incurring absences and tardies. A tardy is defined as arriving late for the start of class, arriving late after a break, arriving late after lunch, or leaving class early. All tardiness will be rounded up to the nearest hour.

Cancellation of Class

On occasion class may be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances such as severe weather, illness, or events beyond the control of the school. In the event of a class cancellation, the hour will be made up on the next available opportunity at the schools discretion. This may include evening or weekends, the makeup periods will continue until all hours have been mad up.

Probation and Termination Policy

All MUD students are expected to maintain specific standards regarding grades and attendance. Students who fail to meet these standards will be placed on probation, and may be terminated from the school. At the discretion of the administration, a student may be placed on probation or dismissed, and the enrolment terminated, for violating the school's published Rules of Conduct. Violations include, but are not limited to: being under the influence, consuming, selling, or possession of drugs or alcohol on school premises; exhibiting disobedient or disrespectful behaviour to another student, administrator or faculty member; violating local laws; or failure to meet financial obligations. If the student is terminated, MUD will calculate a refund. Please refer to the Cancellation and Refund Policy.

MUDSA Make-up Programs


Make-Up Designory programs do not require any prerequisites. Programs are designed to provide comprehensive training in various aspects of makeup artistry. A Certificate and Card are awarded for successful completion of any program.

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MUDSA Individual Make-up Courses & Continuing Education

Individual Courses & Continuing Education

Make-Up Designory also offers students the option to take individual courses alone in order to expand a particular area of expertise. Courses can also be taken by individuals in related fields who are seeking professional enhancement in their chosen area of employment.

At MUD, we are committed to helping students select the courses of study that will best help them reach their occupational goals. For this reason, prior to registration in an individual course, it is necessary that students consult with the Admissions Office in order to be sure that they have completed all required prerequisites or have obtained the appropriate equivalent experience.

Please note the prerequisite information listed for each course in its description. In order to register for individual courses, students may have to demonstrate that they are licensed, in the process of being licensed or working professional make-up artists that possess the skills required to enrol. Certificates and cards are awarded to students who successfully complete an individual course.

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Graduation Requirements

In order fir a student to graduate, he or she must:

  • Achieve a grade of 70 percent or better in each course
  • Attend 90 percent of the scheduled hours
  • Satisfy all financial obligations to the school
  • Satisfy all documentation obligations

Students enrolled in individual courses are required to complete their course with a grade GPA of 70 percent or better and must attend a minimum of 90 percent of the scheduled course hours in order to graduate. Upon completion of these requirements, a certificate will be awarded. Students should make arrangements with their instructor prior to the scheduled and date to make up missed assignments, tests or time. All missed assignments, tests and time must be documented accordingly. Please note that assignments turned in late without a legitimate excuse (e.g) absence) will only be given half-credit.

All students must satisfy their academic graduation requirements within 1.5 times of the original program length. This means that in addition to the student having the entire program to satisfy his or her academic program requirements, he or she is allowed an additional period of time after their program completed to make changes to grades or academic outcomes. The additional time cannot extend past 50% of the original program length.


Rules of Conduct

At Make-up Designory (MUD) we know that the students, instructors, and administrators who meet together in our school today are the professional who will be working together in the future. The is why we work hard to maintain an atmosphere of respect and courtesy. We ask our students to treat their school environment like a working environment, and maintain proper personal and professional hygiene to maintain their workstations and classroom at a professional level of presentation. Students are required to clean their equipment, stations and mirrors at the end of each day of class. In addition, each instructor will outline any additional rules that are pertinent to his or her classroom, including cell phone usage, eating in class, chewing gum, and more.

MUD conducts active, hands-on programs in a rigorous professional environment. In order to maximise the learning process, we require all students to work and to model. When a student is the artist, he or she will approach his or her assignment as though he or she is working on a real job. This includes maintaining a high standard of courtesy and professionalism, keeping tools and the station clean, being aware of the model's comfort and ability to breath, and keeping the model's clothing protected with a cover cloth. When modelling, a student will remain still and quiet, and will cooperate with the artist's request without dispensing opinions or advice.

On our campus, MUD students may dress casually, but are expected to maintain the same level of decorum that they would exhibit in a professional working environment. In keeping with safety considerations , we ask that students refrain from wearing open-toed or platform-style shoes. When students are modelling, their faces are the artist's canvas. For this reason, we ask that students remove all facials hair (excluding eyebrows). Students may also be asked to remove a facial piercing, due to a course project or requirement. In addition to theses guidelines, students must observe and abide by all of the rules set forth in our Safety Manual.

Students are required to complete homework assignments in addition to daily class assignments. Each instructor will assign the homework, along with its due date. Homework turned in on time will receive full credit. Homework turned in late will receive half credit. If a student is absent on the day homework is due, he or she may turn in the assignment for full credit on the first day back from the absence. During a course, a MUD instructor will provide each student with performance assessments. These assessments provide instructors and students with a forum in which to meet and discuss areas of concern. If the student is missing assignments or test or has missed class time, the instructor will provide him or her with a plan to help get caught up and additional practice or testing periods can be scheduled. Students who are required to make up missed assignments, test or time are encouraged to do so while they are still attending class.

Each MUD student must read and accept these written Rules of Conduct.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Students may withdraw from a course after instruction has started and receive a pro-rated refund for the unused portion of the tuition as well as other refundable charges if the student has completed 60 percent or less of thee course or program. In this case, the  student's Last Day of Attendance (LDA) is the date from which the school will calculate the pro-rated refund. The student will be charged for all days up to, and including the LDA. The LDA is defined as the last day the student attends the course. All refunds will be paid within 30 days of the Date of Determination. MUD will also refund payments collected from a third party. Should MUD cancel or discontinue a course or educational program, the school will issue an appropriate refund of all charges. All refunds will be aid within 30 days of the cancellation date.