MUD Makeup Kits

Imagine having a makeup kit for everything you can possibly think of. A dream come true at the tip of your fingers is something we gladly offer. At MUD we have a diverse and versatile range of  makeup and hair kits that takes care of anyone’s needs. Our catering spectrum stretches from providing kits to students, existing professionals and all beauty salons and entrepreneurs in the makeup and hair industry.

Our most simplistic and compatible kit are specially designed for consumers but can be purchased and enjoyed by professionals as well. These kits are uniquely modified to match specific makeup looks and are very specialized.

In studio workshops are offered free of charge to ensure that the kit is being used to its fullest potential.

These kits can also work wonders in the field of image consulting and serves as a gift for someone special. Our products are any personal image consultant’s dream come true, as buying our products individually is something they can easily do at our studios. Complementary color’s that are suitable for individual needs is easily accessible at your nearest MUD studio.

Our very affordable kits ranges is beautifully categories and can be couriered to your door nation wide. Unlimited supplies are available for all professional salons, artists and makeup and hair school. We also offer standard option kits that can be modified according to special and specific requirements, offering a customized and personal service is something we strive on. Target markets are no challenge as MUD caters for all races of all origins – our products are not limited to a certain group and can be used on and by any skin color, tone and shade. Our products are specially formulated to accommodate everyone.

Our magnetic pallets are designed to be cost effective and easily reusable. All our products and kits are offered at a PRO discount price for any home or salon based client. National delivery is applicable on all online purchases. All comprehensive and pro kits comes with a free one day refresher workshop.

Shop Online

Although we are in such an extremely challenging time in all avenues of our lives, purchasing beauty products online shouldn’t be part of the struggle. MUD is making it very convenient to buy anything from our well-presented catalogue online.

MUD has been designed by professionals for professionals. High-quality products that can withstand extreme conditions and are known to be highly-pigmented, which means it’s perfect for all types of makeup applications and can be used without restrictions, especially the ones that currently stops us from buying our favourite products in a MUD studio.

MUD Professional & Retail Make-Up Products & Tools are Available Online.

Shop to your heart’s desire. We ship nationwide in South Africa.  Invest in quality beauty products for your face, then you need to choose MUD SA. We have been creating high quality, honest make-up for over a decade now, and have received international recognition by renowned beauty artists throughout the world. Our kit allows everyday women and professional make-up artists to explore their inner artiste and bring their ideas to life. Whether you want to transform your face completely, prefer to look fresh and natural, or desire to look sophisticated and polished, the deluxe make-up kit from MUD can offer you every look you desire.

Our comprehensive kit features an assortment of professional quality products in the latest palettes, hand selected by the professional artists of MUD international, designed to complement every type of skin tone there is. In our kit you will find every colour shade and tone you need for the eyes, cheeks and lips, from smooth blending cream and powder foundations, super volume smudge proof mascaras, emollient-rich lipstick palettes, eye shadow and blusher palettes. The kits also include MUD professional artistry brush sets and MUD professional artistry mixing tools.

Shop MUD South Africa products online for guaranteed satisfaction, quick delivery and exceptional client service.

We accept payments via card machine on delivery and EFT. Delivery within a 10 km radius from Menlyn, Pretoria East is for free. Our time frame for delivery nation-wide is 7-10 working
days after proof of payment has been received. From placing your order, delivery can be expected within 7 working days.

MUD School

If not now, when? Become a professional and recognized makeup artist through MUD’s courses that are individually designed to meet the highest expectations and needs of the global Beauty industry.

MUD was founded with the vision to provide our students with quality and comprehensive education. Our Schools in Brooklyn, Pretoria and Sandton, Johannesburg are fully licensed and equipped to jet start successful careers for young aspiring makeup artists. Both our beautifully designed Campuses are accredited by the ACCSC which is a well known and recognized accredited agency by the U.S Department of Education.

As we all know the beauty industry is a tough and competitive nut to crack, but our internationally accredited courses will shape the success in the journey to becoming a professional and renowned makeup artists. MUD courses are designed to maximize creativity and reinforce the skills that are required to work at a professional level in today’s makeup industry. At MUD you learn by doing, so get ready to start your makeup career as a highly trained and qualified makeup artist from day one. We ensure that students will be absolutely confident in their crafts with the necessary skills and knowledge needed to be a internationally qualified makeup artist. Our warm, loving and professional culture leaves no heart or makeup brush untouched.


Our different courses prepares students for work in their selective fields of study through a series of challenging and real-world scenarios. At MUD School students also learn about materials needed to market themselves and how to start a successful career within the industry. In class, students get the opportunity to apply everything they need to know about etiquette, hygiene and professionalism. In the progression of the makeup course students are expected to complete full makeup looks and hairstyles within time frames to ensure that professional requirements and standards are being met. At MUD School students apply their makeup and hair skills to the professional set where, with supervision, they can see where and on what they still need to focus on.

MUD School also expose students to photographers within the learning environment because it enhances the freedom of creative exploration – and room for error if needed. We believe the more experience our students get, the more confident they will be. MUD is the world’s leading makeup School, studying with us will means securing a recognized and accredited qualification.

Kick start your career at MUD School while being surrounded, mentored and uplifted by professionals in the industry. MUD has a track record of more than 20 years in the beauty industry and we believe in the preference of quality over quantity. MUD School prides itself in the thorough content of its courses and its specific structures. MUD doesn’t teach students skills to mimic and copy without having them understand why it’s done a curtain way. This principle will help upcoming makeup artists to make better informed decisions in their makeup applications and creates a more versatile makeup artists in the end.

Makeup School & Courses



news 7Become a *Pro with our internationally accredited training courses. Special FX Training Courses at MUD Studio Sandton & Cape Town. This in depth FX course starts with out-of-the-kit effects that are the staple of professional make-up artists. Learn their craft in a hands-on course that covers two-dimensional and three-dimensional techniques to simulate injuries and other effects. In addition, learn how to apply the latest materials used by prosthetic make-up artists. Our team of professional make-up artists will walk you through the process of applying and properly colouring foam gelatin prosthetic appliances, silicone GFA’s, foam latex prosthetic appliances and Prosaide transfers.
Sandton: 5 – 18 September 2017 (, 011 656 0120)
Cape Town: 27 November – 7 December 2017 (, 060 895 4557)

Duration: 10 full days , 9am – 5pm daily . 70 clock hours.
Course Fee: R15 000
Kit Fee: R15 000

This course will be facilitated by a USA lecturer from either NY or LA main campus. (Gil Romero is confirmed for Cape Town) 50% deposit is needed to secure the booking, with balance due on the first day of training.

Our Mission & Methodology = At Make-up Designory (MUD), it is our mission to provide an exceptional experience for our students before, during and after their training as professional make-up artists. We are also committed to providing our customers with premium quality products and unparalled service.

Methodology = Make-Up Designory (MUD) courses are designed to maximize creativity and reinforce the skills that are required to work at a professional level in today’s make-up industry. We teach the importance of research and preparation, mixed in with lab work and assignments. As part of this process, we combine short lectures with a hands-on approach that enables students to learn the basics of a given application. Our students learn by doing and are able to get to work on the first day of class. As students master skills, they are encouraged to incorporate them into more complex applications.

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BOHEMIAN LOOK – Fall/Winter 2017

News 1

Unconventionally stylish and elegant set the mood for MUD’s Boho Chic Fall/Winter 2017 look.

// Eye Colors: Honeysuckle, Moss, Bronzed

// Water-Resistant Mascara // Charm Satin Lipstick

Step 1 – Begin with a clean canvass using MUD’s Cream Foundation Primer and Corrector where needed. Softly define the brows using brush #210 with Taupe or Rich Brown Eye pencil.

Step2 – Apply Honeysuckle Eye Colour with brush #800 to the brow bone, the inner corner of the eye and the cheek bone as a highlight.

Step3 – Apply Moss Eye Colour to the outer corner of the lower lash line as well as to the inner corner of the eyelid using brush #320 to blend it towards the centre.

Step4 – Using brush #330 apply Bronze Eye Colour to the outer eyelid and blend it towards the centre to meet the Moss Eye Colour. Apply bronze eye colour to the inner corner of the lower lash line as well.

Step5 – Apply water resistant mascara using brush #500 to the upper and lower lashes.

Step6 – To add warmth and definition apply Bronzed Eye Colour just below the cheekbone with brush #510 blending it softly down to the jawbone.

Step7- Complete the look by applying Charm Satin Lipstick with brush #310.


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News 3

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MUD Eye Color Compact – RSP: R339
Vibrant and silky Eye Colors, lushly rich with pigments for long-lasting color. The unique velvet consistency allows these versatile shadows to glide on smoothly and evenly – wet or dry. Go wet for more intense, long-lasting color or to use as eyeliner.


Water Resistant Mascara – RSP: R425
Lengthening, pigment rich Water-Resistant Mascara offers an ultra-smooth application with ultimate control for individual users, whether creating a subtle daytime look or glamorous evening eyes. Squeezable tube is ideal for professionals and everyday use.


Lipstick – RSP: R375
Luxurious Satin Lipsticks with emollient-rich, non-drying formula that leaves lips feeling soft, smooth and supple. Provides long-lasting color with a smooth, opaque matte finish. Available in an elegant selection of lush, deep colors.


news 5



Creates shape and definition around the face

Silky smooth texture

Pigment-rich pressed powders

8 shades available



Professional Makeup

Bring Your Talent and Ideas to Life with MUD Designory Professional Makeup

Looking for an educated approach to makeup? If you have just started out as a makeup artist and are looking for a professional brand that will not only help you explore your inner artiste and bring your ideas to life, but also take your artistry to the next level, then you need to turn to us, at MUD SA.

Created by professionals for professionals, MUD Designory is currently recognised as one of the world’s leading professional makeup brands. At MUD Cosmetics, we have been creating high-quality, honest makeup for over a decade now and have received international recognition by renowned beauty artists throughout the world – from Mexico, Jamaica, USA, Canada, Ireland, England, Morocco, Belgium, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Romania, Ghana, Nigeria, Japan, Egypt, India, Australia and Dubai, and we have now brought Make-up Designory makeup right to your door in South Africa.

What Products Can You Expect to Find?

Having already made our mark on the South African beauty industry with our reliable and professional brand, our professional makeup not only includes everything that you need to be a true professional, but our products will also allow you to excel at bringing your talent and ideas to life. Whether you are looking to completely transform faces, or whether you want to keep your clients looking natural and fresh, or sleek and polished, our extensive range of professional makeup can offer you every type of look for a rainbow nation of skin tones.

·         The Face – create flawless skin with our award-winning cream foundation, dual finished pressed mineral powder, bronzer, corrector, loose powder and primer.

·         The Eyes – fashion artistic eyes with our vibrant and silky eye colour compacts, palette refills, eye pencils, luscious mascara, cake eyeliner, brow fix and eyelashes.

·         The Cheeks – add a splash of colour to cheeks with our broad range of smooth, velvety and sheer cheek colour compacts, palette refills and colour crèmes.

·         The Lips – deliver maximum impact with our luxurious, emollient-rich rainbow selection of sheer and satin lipsticks, lip gloss, lip pencils and lip glazes.

At MUD SA, we believe that the purpose of makeup is to correct, cover and conceal, and all of our makeup goes through strict quality testing before receiving the “MUD-Certified” stamp of approval. Legendary for our perfection and brilliance, our professional makeup not only promises excellence, but our makeup also promises hours of flawless and radiant colour.

Where Can You Get MUD Makeup From?

If you want to apply makeup like a professional, then you need to use what the professional artists throughout the beauty and fashion world use, and that is Make-up Designory professional makeup. If you are looking for a MUD distributor, you need not look very far. You can find us in Cape Town, Klerksdorp, Nelspruit, Bloemfontein, Centurion, Pretoria East, Sandton and Kempton Park

Professional Make up

MSA Make up – Created by Professionals for Professionals!

looking for a professional brand that will help explore your inner artiste and bring your ideas to life? If you are serious about becoming a professional make up artist, you need more than just the best education – just like an artist, you need to work with the right tools and make up. Ask any successful and sought-after make up artist and they will all tell you that if you want to apply make up like a professional, then you have to use what the professionals use!

The beauty industry is overflowing with an enormous variety of innovative cosmetic transformations. However, not all make up is created equal, but if you want an exceptional high-quality  brand that will not only keep your clients’ skin healthy, glowing and radiant, but will also give their skin that professional 24-hour flawless and fresh look, then you need to turn to MUD SA for our professional make up.

Recognised as one of the world’s leading make up cosmetic brands – MUD Make-up Designory make up offers an educated approach to make up. Created by professionals for professionals, we have been creating high-quality, honest products for over a decade now, and have received international recognition by renowned beauty artists throughout the world.

We believe the true purpose of make up is to correct, cover and conceal, and all of our products go through strict and scrupulous testing before receiving our “MUD-Certified” stamp of approval. From our award-winning mascara, to our invincible flawless creamy foundations and luxurious moisture lipsticks, to our silky-smooth eye shadows and blushers; each and every MUD product achieves perfection and brilliance, precisely and beautifully. It is no wonder that MUD Designory professional make up is the expert choice for professional make up artists throughout the beauty and fashion world.

Whether you dare to be different or prefer that famous smouldering Smokey eye, Gucci celebrity look, that Oscar de la Renta polished look, or if you simply want to create that all-natural classic, Ralph Lauren, girl-next-door look – MUD professional products not only promise quality and long-lasting wearability, but our make up also offers hours of flawless application and radiantly accurate colour.

Offering professional make up artists throughout South Africa everything that they need in order to create flawless professional make up, you will not find a better brand on the market. So make an educated approach to your make up and invest in MUD Designory – we simply offer products by professionals for professionals, who command the very best in the industry! For quality professional products that you can afford, contact MUD SA today!  

Make-up Products

Professional Make-up Products and Tools for Make-up and Beauty Enthusiasts


When it comes to beauty and fashion, how you wear your make-up and what make-up products you wear can play a vital role in the end result. As time and fashion changes, so does the desired make-up effects, but this does not mean that the quality of the products you use should change. 
Make-up should always be of the very best quality not just for how it ends up looking, but also for the health of your skin. 

MUD is a make-up brand internationally renowned for quality and style, and since it hit the market in South Africa, it has done great things for the beauty industry. MUD products and training courses have been supplied to some of South Africa’s leading salons and beauty institutes, and have been met with great success.

All MUD make-up products are designed for high performance and any make-up artist or beauty enthusiast armed with a make-up kit from this brand is set to be ready for absolutely any occasion.  The range which is quite extensive can be bought from any MUD SA show room or online. 


We make sure that our entire catalogue is available online so that you can browse through the various items that we have available in each of these categories. If you have any questions regarding any of the products we encourage you to make contact with MUD SA so that a consultant can assist you further. You will find our consultants friendly and approachable. We will be delighted to assist you with choosing the right products and have an absolute wealth or product knowledge that we can share with you.

Once you have tried MUD SA make-up products you will simply never look back. Buy yourself an entire kit or try out one or two products to see how you enjoy them – we guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

When purchasing our products and application tools you can rest assured that each item has been tested to ensure world class quality. We demand exceptional results and product quality that cannot be beaten and it is these tests that help to keep our products and tools leaps and bounds ahead of the rest.

If you are looking for a new range of make-up products to invest in and want to have that just made up look that is absolutely perfect, then checking out the MUDS SA make-up range is advised. If you want to find out more information and advice or need assistance with orders and delivery, be in touch with a MUD SA consultant without delay. 

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5th MUD Showroom Opening in Centurion

Jolanda Bedeker

Jolanda Bedeker is the proud and successful owner of the MUD showroom & distributor in Pretoria, Centurion & Midrand. Her premises in Pretoria East has been the makeup trend setting hub for Tshwane residents. Regular airbrush and workshops based on the latest international MUD makeup looks educate and inform both professional makeup artists, stylists, hair stylists and fashionistas. She has now decided to spread her wings on the success of the Pretoria Showroom and open a new MUD Showroom in Centurion.
The launch of the new MUD Showroom is scheduled for Saturday 31 May from 10:00 to 16:00 will host VIP guests and Local Press Members. Monday 2 June will be an Open Day where makeup schools, educators, salon owners, and anyone interested in the products and services can pop in anytime from 9:00 to 17:00. ADDRESS: Botselo Office Block, Corner John Vorster Ave & Lenchen North, Centurion.

Jolanda Bedeker make-up was founded in 2006 and opened a make-up studio specialising in workshops, make overs, make-up lessons, fashion and photo shoots and bridal make up. I acquired the rights as the sole distributor for MUD Make-up designory in Pretoria, Midrand and Centurion. We distribute to image consultants, make-up artists, schools, hair salons and hairdressers at wholesale prices. This way MUD is regarded as one of the best professional products on the market can be retailed to their clients. The industry professionals can sell to their clients at retail prices. The make-up showroom (a first of its kind) opened in May 2012 and the Centurion branch will soon be making its mark in Centurion.

The Jolanda Badeker Make-up school provides expert training to potential make-up artists and have also incorporated hairstyling training and image consulting short courses from June this year. The make up training includes, beginners, intermediate, advanced, photographic, airbrush and special effects. 4 of the courses are ITEC accredited as the school has an alliance with Beautiko Beauty Academy in Brooklyn. This gives the school an opportunity for students to qualify on an international basis.

Jolanda’s business amplifies her personality in this statement, “I have a passion for transforming my clients’ outward appearance which in turn influence how the feel inside. This new positive outward reflection is immensely rewarding.”
She continues to say “I also love teaching and training potential artists. Imparting and sharing knowledge contributes to the improvement and quality of our industry. Through my expertise and the use of correct tools and mud superior quality make up, I will help you achieve your desired look to the ‘new you’. Image and make-up plays an important role in success – whether in the workplace or as an individual – my group of experts look forward to helping you look your best!”

The MUD Team have partnered with esteemed brands and outlets such as Paul Mitchel in Brooklyn where every last Friday of the month the MUD team can be found at the salon doing make-up makeovers on the clients and those who spend over R1000 on any retail items in the salon receive a Free R500 Makeup lesson voucher at the MUD Showroom in Pretoria and 10% off Paul Mitchell Products on the promotional days.
Other makeover activities have taken place frequently at Follicle Hair & Beauty, 90 Degrees and at various function venues and beauty pageants.

Brenda Botha the Owner of MUD South Africa says “The Pretoria, Midrand and Centurion area, artists and stockists could not have asked for a better owner. Jolanda is an experienced make-up artist and business woman that has grown the MUD Brand phenomenally in her area and is assured to make a huge success of the business in Centurion.”

082 921 1656 or 012-997 1602/3.
PTA EAST Address: 1287 De Villebois Mareuil Drive, Moreletapark Pretoria.
CENTURION Address: Botselo Office Block, Corner John Vorster Ave & Lenchen North, Centurion.
Twitter: @JBMake_up

For MUD Distribution opportunities in other provinces across South Africa contact Brenda Botha: 084 956 5285,
Twitter: @MUDSouthAfrica

MUD – Official Makeup Partner for the 2014 SAMA Awards


Our team is excited to gear up, set up and glam up all the celebs on Monday 28 April, Sun City! The 20th Annual South African Music Awards will be held on Monday, 28 April 2014, at the Superbowl in Sun City.

South African music lovers have the opportunity to experience all the glamour and drama of the 20th Annual South African Music Awards first-hand at the Sun City Superbowl on Monday, 28 April 2014.
Tickets are now on sale for the hotly contested main awards, which start at 20h30 on the public holiday that follows Freedom Day.
The South African Music Awards are organised by the Recording Industry of South Africa (RISA), a trade association of recording companies operating in South Africa. 

Two of the country’s most influential indigenous music acts, Ladysmith Black Mambazo and Phuzekhemisi, will receive Lifetime Achievement Awards, sponsored by Amstel, at the 20th Annual South African Music Awards this month.
“During Freedom Month, we are proud to pay tribute to these national treasures and music ambassadors who have worked tirelessly to raise the global profile of isicathamiya and maskandi, two traditional music genres rooted in the South African soil,” said David du Plessis, the Chief Operating Officer of the Recording Industry of SA (RISA).

Follow SAMA 20 on the following digital platforms:

Hashtag: #SAMA20
Twitter handle: @OfficialSAMAs (
Facebook page: South African Music Awards (
Instagram handle: @OfficialSAMAs
YouTube channel: samusicawards (
Flickr: samusicawards (
Get your seat as we celebrate South Africa’s biggest night in music!


For MUD Distribution opportunities in other provinces across South Africa contact Brenda Botha: 084 956 5285,
Twitter: @MUDSouthAfrica


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At Make-Up Designory (MUD), creating honest make-up products and providing quality education has been our passion for the past decade. We plan to stay loyal to that tradition. That’s what makes us different from other make-up brands. We conduct rigorous testing for our MUD line of products through industry experts and up-and-coming make-up artists at our highly regarded schools in Los Angeles and New York, to ensure we meet professional standards for today and tomorrow.

So whether you dare to be different, prefer polished and professional or simply want an all-natural look, MUD promises quality, long-lasting wearability, flawless application and radiantly accurate colour. With our systematic lines, precision tools, how-to guides and insider tips, we’ve eliminated the frustrating guesswork. Just simple, smart, versatile make-up. No wonder MUD has been the expert choice of make-up professionals for the past decade.

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