MUD Makeup Kits

Imagine having a makeup kit for everything you can possibly think of. A dream come true at the tip of your fingers is something we gladly offer. At MUD we have a diverse and versatile range of  makeup and hair kits that takes care of anyone’s needs. Our catering spectrum stretches from providing kits to students, existing professionals and all beauty salons and entrepreneurs in the makeup and hair industry.

Our most simplistic and compatible kit are specially designed for consumers but can be purchased and enjoyed by professionals as well. These kits are uniquely modified to match specific makeup looks and are very specialized.

In studio workshops are offered free of charge to ensure that the kit is being used to its fullest potential.

These kits can also work wonders in the field of image consulting and serves as a gift for someone special. Our products are any personal image consultant’s dream come true, as buying our products individually is something they can easily do at our studios. Complementary color’s that are suitable for individual needs is easily accessible at your nearest MUD studio.

Our very affordable kits ranges is beautifully categories and can be couriered to your door nation wide. Unlimited supplies are available for all professional salons, artists and makeup and hair school. We also offer standard option kits that can be modified according to special and specific requirements, offering a customized and personal service is something we strive on. Target markets are no challenge as MUD caters for all races of all origins – our products are not limited to a certain group and can be used on and by any skin color, tone and shade. Our products are specially formulated to accommodate everyone.

Our magnetic pallets are designed to be cost effective and easily reusable. All our products and kits are offered at a PRO discount price for any home or salon based client. National delivery is applicable on all online purchases. All comprehensive and pro kits comes with a free one day refresher workshop.



news 7Become a *Pro with our internationally accredited training courses. Special FX Training Courses at MUD Studio Sandton & Cape Town. This in depth FX course starts with out-of-the-kit effects that are the staple of professional make-up artists. Learn their craft in a hands-on course that covers two-dimensional and three-dimensional techniques to simulate injuries and other effects. In addition, learn how to apply the latest materials used by prosthetic make-up artists. Our team of professional make-up artists will walk you through the process of applying and properly colouring foam gelatin prosthetic appliances, silicone GFA’s, foam latex prosthetic appliances and Prosaide transfers.
Sandton: 5 – 18 September 2017 (, 011 656 0120)
Cape Town: 27 November – 7 December 2017 (, 060 895 4557)

Duration: 10 full days , 9am – 5pm daily . 70 clock hours.
Course Fee: R15 000
Kit Fee: R15 000

This course will be facilitated by a USA lecturer from either NY or LA main campus. (Gil Romero is confirmed for Cape Town) 50% deposit is needed to secure the booking, with balance due on the first day of training.

Our Mission & Methodology = At Make-up Designory (MUD), it is our mission to provide an exceptional experience for our students before, during and after their training as professional make-up artists. We are also committed to providing our customers with premium quality products and unparalled service.

Methodology = Make-Up Designory (MUD) courses are designed to maximize creativity and reinforce the skills that are required to work at a professional level in today’s make-up industry. We teach the importance of research and preparation, mixed in with lab work and assignments. As part of this process, we combine short lectures with a hands-on approach that enables students to learn the basics of a given application. Our students learn by doing and are able to get to work on the first day of class. As students master skills, they are encouraged to incorporate them into more complex applications.

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BOHEMIAN LOOK – Fall/Winter 2017

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Unconventionally stylish and elegant set the mood for MUD’s Boho Chic Fall/Winter 2017 look.

// Eye Colors: Honeysuckle, Moss, Bronzed

// Water-Resistant Mascara // Charm Satin Lipstick

Step 1 – Begin with a clean canvass using MUD’s Cream Foundation Primer and Corrector where needed. Softly define the brows using brush #210 with Taupe or Rich Brown Eye pencil.

Step2 – Apply Honeysuckle Eye Colour with brush #800 to the brow bone, the inner corner of the eye and the cheek bone as a highlight.

Step3 – Apply Moss Eye Colour to the outer corner of the lower lash line as well as to the inner corner of the eyelid using brush #320 to blend it towards the centre.

Step4 – Using brush #330 apply Bronze Eye Colour to the outer eyelid and blend it towards the centre to meet the Moss Eye Colour. Apply bronze eye colour to the inner corner of the lower lash line as well.

Step5 – Apply water resistant mascara using brush #500 to the upper and lower lashes.

Step6 – To add warmth and definition apply Bronzed Eye Colour just below the cheekbone with brush #510 blending it softly down to the jawbone.

Step7- Complete the look by applying Charm Satin Lipstick with brush #310.


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MUD Eye Color Compact – RSP: R339
Vibrant and silky Eye Colors, lushly rich with pigments for long-lasting color. The unique velvet consistency allows these versatile shadows to glide on smoothly and evenly – wet or dry. Go wet for more intense, long-lasting color or to use as eyeliner.


Water Resistant Mascara – RSP: R425
Lengthening, pigment rich Water-Resistant Mascara offers an ultra-smooth application with ultimate control for individual users, whether creating a subtle daytime look or glamorous evening eyes. Squeezable tube is ideal for professionals and everyday use.


Lipstick – RSP: R375
Luxurious Satin Lipsticks with emollient-rich, non-drying formula that leaves lips feeling soft, smooth and supple. Provides long-lasting color with a smooth, opaque matte finish. Available in an elegant selection of lush, deep colors.


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Creates shape and definition around the face

Silky smooth texture

Pigment-rich pressed powders

8 shades available



Level II Courses starting in April 2016!

Level II courses | 11 Apr – 26 May | Course fee: R24,000 | Kit: R28,500

Certified MUD makeup courses exclusively offered at MUD Studio Sandton


Make-Up Designory (MUD) gives students the opportunity to unlock their creativity and helps pave the way for them as an artist. Exclusively offered at the licensed MUD Studio, our aim is to help artists develop their make-up skills and not only that, but also give them hands-on experience when it comes to make-up. MUD Studio Sandton provides a wide-range of training for every make-up career with a team of experienced, MUD certified instructors who prepare students with the proper tools of success for today’s world of make-up artistry. A strict adherence to educational standards, curriculum development and teacher training have helped to create a standard form of make-up education that can be found in classrooms around the world.MUD-STUDIO-FB-POST-1

The MUD Studio provides the perfect mix between classroom and retail, and features a modern showroom, where the right MUD product can be found for every occasion and customer type. With every product in the MUD Studio comes the knowledge of a MUD Make-up Artist. Dedication to a knowledge based product line is essential to the MUD Studio experience. According to MUD International “We don’t want to do just makeovers in our stores, we want each make-up application to become an individual make-up class.”  With an educational classroom, the experience evolves from make-up enthusiast workshops to pro-level classes. Each course has its own make-up kit designed especially for it and each course the student takes builds their kit. Inside the kit are MUD products, course books and other printed material that the student will need to complete the course.

The MUD Studio courses are derived from the same curriculum that can be found at any of the Make-Up Designory’s main campuses around the world, but are divided in such a way as to allow the student to progress through the various subjects at their own pace. This also provides students with the ability to transfer their education to one of MUD’s main campuses, allowing them to add culture and life experiences to their make-up education. The courses are divided into two levels: Level I which comprises of a 12 day Beauty Essentials course only and a Level II course, which includes Beauty Essentials, Airbrush, Bridal, Studio and High Fashion courses, running over the full six week period. Students can also select to enrol for the Bridal Programme only, which consists of Beauty Essentials, Airbrush and Bridal courses, and this is the first 22 days of the six week cycle.

The MUD Studio in Sandton will be starting their Level II courses on the 11 April and 30 May. Places are filling up fast! For more information and to book your spot, email or give us a call on 011 656 0120.


Make up Kits

The Top Two Essentials Found in Professional MUD Make up Kits

Growing faster than any other industry worldwide, the makeup industry is one that is constantly improving, growing and changing. If you’re a professional make up artist, then make up kits are without a doubt an essential part of your everyday life, and just as quickly as make up trends and beauty products evolve, so should your kit!

At MUD SA, we’ve been creating high-quality, honest make up for over a decade now and have received international recognition by renowned beauty artists throughout the world. Our professional make up kits feature an assortment of every professional quality product that you will need, in order to excel in your industry as a professional make up artist. Below are the top two essentials that can be found in our professional MUD make up kits.

·         A Makeup Brush Set – while the aim of a make up artist is to apply make up in such a way that it looks like your client was born that way, with the right brushes, you can achieve perfection. Accredited as one of the top essentials to all professional makeup kits, our MUD kits come with the highest quality range of brushes required to succeed as a makeup artist. You will find a foundation brush, angled blush brush, eye shadow brush, brow brush and comb, powder brush, lip brush and a smudge brush.

·         Cream Foundation Palettes – different complexions require different foundations and it’s up to you as the artist and stylist to find that perfect blend using a colour wheel, mixing palette and a palette of superior quality cream foundations. Formulated for ultra-smooth blending and application, our MUD cream foundations are professionally suited for either creating the perfect sheer and natural look, or a flawless full-coverage finish. Found in all of our MUD make up kits, our cream foundation palettes are prized for keeping skin looking even, as well as blemish and wrinkle-free.

As a professional make up artist, what you don’t have or what you do have in your kit can be the difference between an amateur and an expert. If you want to apply make up like a professional, then you must use what the professionals use, and that can only be found with our MUD make up kits.

Selected by professionals for professionals, our MUD kits feature an assortment of products in the latest palettes for every type of skin tone that there is. In our kits, you’ll not only find the top of the range professional artistry brush sets and mixing tools, but you’ll also find every colour shade and tone required for the skin, eyes, cheeks and lips. Contact us today to order your make up kit!

Professional Make up Tips for Professional Women on the Go

Professional Make up Tips for Professional Women on the Go

Want to know what professional make up artists learn at make up school? If you are a busy working woman looking to glam up your look with a bit of make up, then there is no better place to turn to, than the professionals, for a few inside tips. In the professional world, looking put together and polished is essential, and choosing to wear the right shades of make up can really add that finishing touch, as well as add that extra bit of confidence that you may, or may not be lacking.

At MUD SA, we do not believe that applying professional make up for the office has to be complicated, but what we do believe is that it should be of the very best quality, and a good place to start is with our professional makeup at MUD SA. Below, we offer some advice on professional office looks using MUD make up that you will be able to find in our catalogue or within our small, medium and large make up kits for sale.

·         The Polished and Natural Look – to get the perfect look for any day of the week, all you will need to pull this off is black mascara, a lash curler, concealer, foundation, nude lipstick, lip liner and lip gloss. First apply the concealer and then apply the foundation on your t-zone. After applying 2 coats of mascara, curl your eyelashes with your lash curler. Line your lips and apply the nude colour, then add some shine with the lip gloss and you will have the perfect clean and polished look.

·         The Refined and Striking Look – every industry is different and so is every woman. If you are more of a creative, then this look will be just right for you. What you will need is mascara, a lash curler, concealer, foundation, 2 eye shadow colours, blusher, lip liner and a bold lip colour of your choice. Apply as you would for the natural look, except hold on the mascara until you have applied the eye shadow. Apply the darker eye shadow shade above the lid and a thin line of the lighter shade under the lower lash.

·         The Confident and Bold Look – depending on your personality, this is a strong look that works well if you are in a position of power. What you will need is concealer, mascara, foundation, two shades of eye shadow that compliment your eyes, a dark shade of eye liner, two shades of blusher, and a bold shade of lipstick and lip liner. Apply concealer, foundation and eye shadow as you would for the striking look. Sweeping up, apply the light shade of blusher to the top of the cheekbone and the darker shade to the apples of the cheeks. Apply the lip liner and lipstick with a brush and you are good to go!

At MUD SA, we believe that make up is to correct, cover and conceal, and all of our make up goes through strict and scrupulous testing before receiving our “MUD-Certified” stamp of approval. It is no wonder that MUD professional make up is the expert choice for professional make up artists throughout the beauty and fashion world. Browse our online catalogue to place your order today!

Professional Make up

MSA Make up – Created by Professionals for Professionals!

looking for a professional brand that will help explore your inner artiste and bring your ideas to life? If you are serious about becoming a professional make up artist, you need more than just the best education – just like an artist, you need to work with the right tools and make up. Ask any successful and sought-after make up artist and they will all tell you that if you want to apply make up like a professional, then you have to use what the professionals use!

The beauty industry is overflowing with an enormous variety of innovative cosmetic transformations. However, not all make up is created equal, but if you want an exceptional high-quality  brand that will not only keep your clients’ skin healthy, glowing and radiant, but will also give their skin that professional 24-hour flawless and fresh look, then you need to turn to MUD SA for our professional make up.

Recognised as one of the world’s leading make up cosmetic brands – MUD Make-up Designory make up offers an educated approach to make up. Created by professionals for professionals, we have been creating high-quality, honest products for over a decade now, and have received international recognition by renowned beauty artists throughout the world.

We believe the true purpose of make up is to correct, cover and conceal, and all of our products go through strict and scrupulous testing before receiving our “MUD-Certified” stamp of approval. From our award-winning mascara, to our invincible flawless creamy foundations and luxurious moisture lipsticks, to our silky-smooth eye shadows and blushers; each and every MUD product achieves perfection and brilliance, precisely and beautifully. It is no wonder that MUD Designory professional make up is the expert choice for professional make up artists throughout the beauty and fashion world.

Whether you dare to be different or prefer that famous smouldering Smokey eye, Gucci celebrity look, that Oscar de la Renta polished look, or if you simply want to create that all-natural classic, Ralph Lauren, girl-next-door look – MUD professional products not only promise quality and long-lasting wearability, but our make up also offers hours of flawless application and radiantly accurate colour.

Offering professional make up artists throughout South Africa everything that they need in order to create flawless professional make up, you will not find a better brand on the market. So make an educated approach to your make up and invest in MUD Designory – we simply offer products by professionals for professionals, who command the very best in the industry! For quality professional products that you can afford, contact MUD SA today!  

Make-up Kit

Must-have Make-up Brushes in Your Make-up Kit

If you are a professional make-up artist, your kit is an essential part of your everyday life. Just like your portfolio, your make-up kit is something that should constantly change and expand, as what you do not have or do have in your kit can be the difference between an amateur and an expert.  Buying the right brushes is not always an easy task, as there is a wide variety of make-up brushes available on the market today. So, to help you complete your make-up kit, we have listed the best make-up brushes that you will need.


·         Foundation Brush #940 – guaranteed to be your best friend, the foundation brush can be used to apply any type of foundation, from liquid to cream. Starting from the centre and working outwards, the unique shape of this brush can do wonders when it comes to a flawless finish, offering total coverage. Your make-up kit will simply not be complete without one.

·         Angled Blush Brush – great for contouring and defining, a blusher brush is designed to be angled and soft. Used to apply blusher and bronzer across the apples of the cheeks, a quality blusher brush must blend, instead of picking up colour as it sweeps across skin.

·         Eye Shadow Brush #800 you canhave the best brand of eye shadow, but if you do not have the right brush to apply it, it can look shoddy and cheap. An eye shadow brush is perfect for blending your eye shadow along the crease of your lids.

·         Brow Brush and Comb – as the name suggests, you can use this brush for separating eyelashes and taming both rogue eyelashes and brows. An eyebrow brush is also designed to smooth your brows down and get unwanted mascara clumps out of your lashes.

·         Powder Brush – typically short, this is the monster brush of your make-up kit. The most common of all brushes, this powder brush is used to apply face powder flawlessly in a sweeping circular motion, and is a must in the world of make-up artistry.

·         Lip Brush – a vital part of your make-up kit, a thin lip brushis designed to meticulously allow lipstick or gloss to be applied more lusciously to the lips, and is ideal for making small lips look big.

·         Smudge Brush #810 – as the coveted Smokey eye never seems to go out of fashion, this is a brush that you will use daily.  Thanks to its super soft bristles, a smudge brush helps to obtain that smouldering look as you smudge away. Don’t leave home without it!

A brush set is one of the top essentials for all professional make-up kits. The aim of a make-up artist is to apply make-up in such a way that it looks like your client was born that way, and the right set of professional brushes can help you achieve that flawless professional look. As you evolve as a make-up artist, you will learn which brushes you enjoy working with the best – but to start off with, take a look at our unique collection of MUD brushes, which can be purchased with our professional MUD make-up kit.

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