Tumbleweeds and lonely diners, forget yesterday and make the great escape. It’s time to sell your soul to the open road and drive all night. Remember, if you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there…


  1. Begin with a clean canvas by applying Cream or Liquid Foundation with Brush #615 to even out the skin tone. Add Corrector and Contour Powder where needed. Don’t forget to fill in the brows to frame the face.
  2. To create depth, apply Espresso Eye Colour to the crease of the eye using Brush #600.
  3. For added dimension and intensity, use Brush #350 to apply Bronzed Eye Colour to the lid.
  4. Apply Black Eye Pencil to the water line and the upper and lower lash line, extending to the inner and outer corners of the eye. Smudge out the liner with Brush #810 to create a soft smoky eye.
  5. Apply Apricot Eye Colour to highlight the brow bone using Brush #350.
  6. Add Gingerbread Cheek Colour along the cheekbones using Brush #710 for a warm glow.
  7. Finish the look by lining the lips with Maple Lip Pencil and filling in with Mudslide Lipstick using Brush #310.


So whether you dare to be different, prefer polished and professional or simply want an all-natural look, MUD promises quality, long-lasting wearability, flawless application and radiantly accurate colour. With systematic lines, precision tools, how-to guides and insider tips, we’ve eliminated the frustrating guesswork. Just simple, smart, versatile make-up. No wonder MUD has been the expert choice of make-up professionals for the past decade.

great escape 01

great escape 02

Liquid Foundation: R699

MUD’s rich and creamy liquid foundation contains high quality silicone based compounds and is designed to stay on the surface of the skin, giving it a smooth flawless finish. Hydrating with natural aloe vera and shea butter, this lightweight formula evens out the skin while allowing it to breathe.

Buildable and easy to blend with a brush or sponge, this exquisite foundation is available in 10 shades. Its sleek airless pump allows for every last drop to be used.

Correctors – R425

Creamy, pigment rich correctors designed to conceal and camouflage skin imperfections. The ultimate coverup for scars, blemishes, birthmarks or dark under-eye circles. Blend with Make-up Designory’s Cream Foundations for a flawless, full coverage make-up.

Eye Shadow Compact – R339

Vibrant and silky Eye Colours, lushly rich with pigments for long-lasting colour. The unique velvet consistency allows these versatile shadows to glide on smoothly and evenly – wet or dry. Go wet for more intense, long-lasting colour or to use as eyeliner.

Cheek Colour Compact: R399

Versatile powder Cheek Colours formulated with pigment rich ingredients for a smooth, even finish. Available in a spectrum of beautiful colours – from soft and natural to bright and bold – that will add warmth and intensity to all skin tones.


Lipstick: R375

Luxurious Satin Lipsticks with emollient-rich, non-drying formula that leaves lips feeling soft, smooth and supple. Provides long-lasting colour with a smooth, opaque matte finish. Available in an elegant selection of lush, deep colours.






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news 7Become a *Pro with our internationally accredited training courses. Special FX Training Courses at MUD Studio Sandton & Cape Town. This in depth FX course starts with out-of-the-kit effects that are the staple of professional make-up artists. Learn their craft in a hands-on course that covers two-dimensional and three-dimensional techniques to simulate injuries and other effects. In addition, learn how to apply the latest materials used by prosthetic make-up artists. Our team of professional make-up artists will walk you through the process of applying and properly colouring foam gelatin prosthetic appliances, silicone GFA’s, foam latex prosthetic appliances and Prosaide transfers.
Sandton: 5 – 18 September 2017 (, 011 656 0120)
Cape Town: 27 November – 7 December 2017 (, 060 895 4557)

Duration: 10 full days , 9am – 5pm daily . 70 clock hours.
Course Fee: R15 000
Kit Fee: R15 000

This course will be facilitated by a USA lecturer from either NY or LA main campus. (Gil Romero is confirmed for Cape Town) 50% deposit is needed to secure the booking, with balance due on the first day of training.

Our Mission & Methodology = At Make-up Designory (MUD), it is our mission to provide an exceptional experience for our students before, during and after their training as professional make-up artists. We are also committed to providing our customers with premium quality products and unparalled service.

Methodology = Make-Up Designory (MUD) courses are designed to maximize creativity and reinforce the skills that are required to work at a professional level in today’s make-up industry. We teach the importance of research and preparation, mixed in with lab work and assignments. As part of this process, we combine short lectures with a hands-on approach that enables students to learn the basics of a given application. Our students learn by doing and are able to get to work on the first day of class. As students master skills, they are encouraged to incorporate them into more complex applications.

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BOHEMIAN LOOK – Fall/Winter 2017

News 1

Unconventionally stylish and elegant set the mood for MUD’s Boho Chic Fall/Winter 2017 look.

// Eye Colors: Honeysuckle, Moss, Bronzed

// Water-Resistant Mascara // Charm Satin Lipstick

Step 1 – Begin with a clean canvass using MUD’s Cream Foundation Primer and Corrector where needed. Softly define the brows using brush #210 with Taupe or Rich Brown Eye pencil.

Step2 – Apply Honeysuckle Eye Colour with brush #800 to the brow bone, the inner corner of the eye and the cheek bone as a highlight.

Step3 – Apply Moss Eye Colour to the outer corner of the lower lash line as well as to the inner corner of the eyelid using brush #320 to blend it towards the centre.

Step4 – Using brush #330 apply Bronze Eye Colour to the outer eyelid and blend it towards the centre to meet the Moss Eye Colour. Apply bronze eye colour to the inner corner of the lower lash line as well.

Step5 – Apply water resistant mascara using brush #500 to the upper and lower lashes.

Step6 – To add warmth and definition apply Bronzed Eye Colour just below the cheekbone with brush #510 blending it softly down to the jawbone.

Step7- Complete the look by applying Charm Satin Lipstick with brush #310.


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MUD Eye Color Compact – RSP: R339
Vibrant and silky Eye Colors, lushly rich with pigments for long-lasting color. The unique velvet consistency allows these versatile shadows to glide on smoothly and evenly – wet or dry. Go wet for more intense, long-lasting color or to use as eyeliner.


Water Resistant Mascara – RSP: R425
Lengthening, pigment rich Water-Resistant Mascara offers an ultra-smooth application with ultimate control for individual users, whether creating a subtle daytime look or glamorous evening eyes. Squeezable tube is ideal for professionals and everyday use.


Lipstick – RSP: R375
Luxurious Satin Lipsticks with emollient-rich, non-drying formula that leaves lips feeling soft, smooth and supple. Provides long-lasting color with a smooth, opaque matte finish. Available in an elegant selection of lush, deep colors.


news 5



Creates shape and definition around the face

Silky smooth texture

Pigment-rich pressed powders

8 shades available





#600 – RSP: R610

News 1

Blends & Buffs for correctors, eye colours, cream highlighters and


Leaves skin with a flawless, smooth finish.

Dense soft synthetic bristles.

100% Vegan.



#610 RSP: R510 News 2

Blends and softens eye colours and correctors under the eye. Sets the eye area with powders.

Long textured synthetic bristles are soft to the touch.

Extremely soft and gentle.

100% Vegan.




Sheer, illuminating pearls enhance natural radiance in the skin.

Universal colour matches any skin tone.

Silky smooth formula.

RSP: R399 for the Compact (filled) or R360 for the refill.






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ItGirl Collection

#ItGirl Collection – Out in the Club – #MUDSelfie
She’s wearing the new MUD Collection. Looking Fabulous!

She was the beauty on everyone’s lips during Spring break, thanks to her incredibly stylish outfits and daring make-up looks- we’re always looking forward to seeing what she wears next.Her beauty choices have been mesmerising and the yellow and purple make-up at the Award Show was without- a-doubt our favourite. But, she revealed in an interview with MUD ART Magazine that she doesn’t rely on make-up to make her feel beautiful.

And it’s easy to see that she doesn’t need make-up to make her feel beautiful, thanks to her glowing skin. Her secrets involve Make-Up Designory products:
“I love MUD Taupe blended all the way to my brows. I use Daisy, which I mixed with Primer to use as eyeliner. It gives me a summer-night-out kind of glow! To cool my look down a bit, I use Mauve on my cheek-and for the final pop of colour I went for MUD’s new lipstick in IDOL #MUDbeauty!”
1. Contour
Apply the Taupe Eye Colour to contour the cheek with the 510 Fan Brush. Begin at the centre of the ear and follow the lower part of the ear and follow the lower part of the cheek bone and end below the outer edge of the iris. Soften the hard lines for a soft look.
2. Crease
Contour the crease of the eye with the Taupe Eye Colour and connect the outer lash line to the crease. Use a wet application for more depth. Be sure to extend the colour out, adding a lift to the outer corner in a wing-like shape.
3. Lid
Apply the Daisy Eye Colour wet with Brush 210 for an intense highlight.
Start in the inner corner of the lid and flare out to the outer edge.
4. Lower Lash Line
For added definition apply the Taupe to the lower lash line.
5. Cheek
With Brush 710, apply the cool Mauve Cheek Colour in a circular motion in the centre of the cheek bone.
6. Lip
Finish off the look with the Idol lipstick and the 310 Lip Brush.

Products available on request at the MUD Showrooms.
GetIt Step by Step

For MUD Distribution opportunities in other provinces across South Africa contact Brenda Botha:
084 956 5285,
Twitter: @MUDSouthAfrica


Adri van der Walt

NEW MUD Distributor in Cape Town – Adri van der Walt

I simply fell. FELL IN LOVE with photography and more recently with makeup – specifically with MUD.  I am ready to get busy, I want to #MUDONMYFACE and on #YOURS and I want to create beautiful images for our makeup students that help them build successful careers for themselves in this industry.  My partnership with The MakeUp Effect and MUD creates and unparalled opportunity for us!


About Adri
It wasn’t a toy camera. It wasn’t a life-long love-affair with photos and it most certainly did not just happen overnight. It was a journey of learning, self-discovery, adventures, self-doubt at times, triumphs and fails. And of course it is a story of falling in love. And BOY DO I LOVE MY CALLING.

I love that a snapshot can become a treasured keepsake in years to come. I love that a simple, elegant picture can tell a story of love, reveal personality, capture a thought or a feeling and immortalise a special occasion. I am honoured to have an opportunity to pursue my passion and use my talent daily to serve people in their quest to make memories. BUT there is more. Photography and creative communication is about crafting a message that will connect, compel and persuade. It will speak with and without your sales team. It will advertise, sell and entice.

What it boils down to is the powerful play between light on surface, textures. Shadows that are accentuated or pushed back. Light called out to flash or softly played over a subject. In a world cluttered with visual onslaught and overstimulation, Allume is simply my opportunity to be my kinda light in the world around me.

I would be honoured to partner with you to create photos and designs that will help you bring a bolder, stronger conceptual message to your business. I am excited to put my 11+ years of design, branding and visual communication at your disposal so that we can create a dynamic arsenal commercial imagery and material that will add oomph and pizzazz to your marketing plan.

“We’ll be that city on a hill burning brightly
We’ll be a light to the world shining Your glory.” Chris Tomlin / Passion.

MUD Showroom address: 72-74 Edward Street, Durbanville
Opening date/Open day: 18 August 2015
Email address:

MUD Studio Press & Celebrity Launch

The FIRST MUD STUDIO in South Africa

Make-Up Designory (MUD) was founded in 1997 in North Hollywood, California, bringing quality education and products to the make-up artist community. This 16 year old brand has proudly monopolised the professional make-up industry with its world class training facilities and high performance products and is now making its mark in South Africa. Brenda Botha is the owner of MUD South Africa and is on a winning streak with MUD in our beauty industry.
Brenda has a passion for the beauty industry and believes that MUD is the perfect partner for a professional make-up artist, image consultant, student and beauty salons. She has made a significant impact in the South African Beauty Industry in the last 3 years by providing MUD Products and training to major beauty salons and training institutions as part of their make-up services and various make-up training facilities. Today, we have seven MUD Distributors in South Africa in major provinces.
MUD International has now awarded SA the rights to open THE MUD STUDIO. This is a huge accomplishment for MUD in South Africa as we have grown the footprint in the market and MUD has awarded us with this privilege to conduct training under the international accredited courses.

The MUD STUDIO Launch event was held on 4 June. Attended by celebrities and local press, being introduced to the MUD Studio offering and international training curriculum. The Director of Education, Treasurer of MUD, Paul Thompson and Director of Operations for MUD International Troy Watson attended the launch in South Africa and were welcomed warmly for thie knowledge on the brand. We truly appreciate their time and efforts and will ensure the MUD Brand is held in high esteem as it is around the world.

Based on MUD’s highly successful curriculum and teaching style, MUD Studio courses were developed to meet the growing demand for quality make-up education. MUD Studio’s operated outside the United States by licensees – offer the same studio classes at stand-alone facilities. With an educational classroom, the experience evolves from make-up enthusiast workshops to pro level classes – eventually allowing the student to join the ranks of MUD certified artists or continue their education Each Studio has at least one classroom and a retail space.

The retail space is a sleek new make-up boutique that provides the customer with a unique educational retail experience. MUD certified make-up artists and educators give knowledge to the customer as soon as they walk through the door. From the retail floor, customers are invited to attend weekend and evening seminars.
All MUD make-up and tools go through a rigorous testing process in challenging, real-world situations, from the harsh conditions of a remote film location to the bright lights of Broadway. Through this trial by fire, MUD continues to perfect each product until they see consistently exceptional results. Only then, does it receive the “MUD-Certified” stamp of approval. It’s all about honest performance. MUD believes the true purpose of make-up is to correct, cover and conceal. From our award-winning mascara to our creamy foundations, luxurious lipsticks to our silky eye shadows, each of the distinctive products performs as it’s meant to: precisely and beautifully.

At MUD, creating honest make-up products and providing quality education has been our passion for the past decade. “We plan to stay loyal to that tradition. That’s what makes us different from other make-up brands. We conduct rigorous testing for our MUD line of products through industry experts and up-and-coming make-up artists at our highly regarded schools in Los Angeles and New York, to ensure we meet professional standards for today and tomorrow.” says MUD International.
So whether you dare to be different, prefer polished and professional or simply want an all-natural look, MUD promises quality, long-lasting wearability, flawless application and radiantly accurate colour. With systematic lines, precision tools, how-to guides and insider tips, we’ve eliminated the frustrating guesswork. Just simple, smart, versatile make-up. No wonder MUD has been the expert choice of make-up professionals for the past decade.

The opening of THE MUD STUDIO marks a revolution in makeup artistry industry in South Africa. Whereby students will be equipped with the skill sand tools to work internationally on the same level as the most senior artists. All students qualifying at THE MUD STUDIO will be able to work confidently in the field they have chosen.

Kits are designed for each course and each class you take builds your kit. Inside the kit, you will find the MUD make-up, course books, and other printed material needed to complete the course. Also, each kit contains a course completion application and unique serial number. This number allows us to track the student and insure they receive the appropriate certification.

Student studying the MUD curriculum will be certified and issued their qualifications via the head office in USA Los Angeles.

Shop 53, Morning Glen Mall
Cnr Bowling Ave & Kelvin Drive, Gallo Manor, Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa.
Contact 011 656 0120,
Twitter: @MUDSouthAfrica


Mrs South Africa Lifestyle Challenge 2015

mrs sa5
The Mrs South Africa Lifestyle Challenge 2015

The Mrs South Africa Lifestyle challenge brings the ladies together for a boot camp festivities where teams work together and learn from each other. 
The pageant bring many great initiatives, charity ventures and social development by these beauty queens.

MUD South Africa is delighted to be once again a sponsor for this event and to be interacting with the ladies daily.
All make-up has been sponsored by MUD South Africa ensuring these ladies are ramp, pageant and ready for all the challenges they conquer.

Follow the action here:


Prelisha Naicker

NEW MUD Distributor in KZN – Prelisha Naicker

I am a lover of nature and animals. I love music and love to bake in my spare time.
As long I can remember as a little girl my favourite place was in my mum’s make –up drawer putting on make-up. Anyone who knows me well will probably vouch for my passion for make-up and I’m most certainly a make-up addict of note.

Growing up whenever anyone would ask me want I wanted to do when I grow up I always answered “I want to put make-up on” until I was older and then answered beauty therapy. But I also played a lot of sport such as netball, volleyball & swimming. I completed Grade 12 at Grosvenor Girls’ High in 2001. I was accepted at Durban University of Technology for Somatology in 2002. My majors were Soma Techniques, Nutrition, Anatomy & my 3rd year I did a module Pharmacology & Microbiology and I had the opportunity to make lipstick, mascara and eyeliner which I was so excited about. This made my passion for make-up grow even more.

Whilst studying I worked part-time as a beauty consultant at Red Square. On completion of my course I was offered a full time job with Red Square, and worked there for another 2 years.
In 2008 I decided to do a nail course at NSI and that is when I met Rotisca and our friendship began. I was started working at NSI doing the admin, sales, nails and helping out with training on the nail courses. In 2009 I had the opportunity to work as a Nail Educator for Young Nails KZN, but the school closed down as the owner didn’t know much about running a business like that. I then decided to rent a space in a hair salon and do nails and make-up for clients.

In 2012 I needed more stability and started working for Diplomat Distributors as a Brand Activator and a Sales Representative for the Pharmacy Division – which distribute for P&G. Part of my duties in this job is to detail the Pharmacists and train the pharmacy staff on the products that we supply.

With that being said I have still not found the fulfilment I am looking for in my career. I believe that with this opportunity with MUD make-up, my passion for make –up and for training and working with people is the fulfilment I am looking for.

I am hard working, optimistic, and open to advice. Able to communicate well with other individuals. I am goal orientated and very driven. I truly believe that with my knowledge and experience, positive attitude, people skills and sales experience I will make this opportunity & my dream become a reality and a success.

CONTACT: 079 496 9866 

MUD Art Magazine Featuring Sandton Launch

NEW MUD Art Magazine out now

MUD Art Magazine Featuring news from our MUD Studio Sandton Launch – Don’t miss out! Click to read now! 

MUD Studio Sandton Johannesburg

Johannesburg known as Jozi, and eGoli the city of gold hides many treasures. One of these jewels is our MUD Studio situated in the upmarket northern suburb of Sandton, often referred to as “Africa’s richest square mile”.

Johannesburg is South Africa’s business province, where we hustle and bustle each day as a soulful entity that expresses individuality yet hums the underlying tune of a culture that celebrates our unity. We are the rainbow nation!

The city offers many shopping centres, local parks, restaurants, markets and night life. Serving as a creative, cultural and commercial gateway to the rest of Africa. It is a hub for cultural and creative production, generating new cultural forms. Along with high fashion shows and stores in the Sandton area making international trends easily available and influencing our styles.

A city of creativity and expression of a country once divided and now united. We find all types of skin types and tones coming together under a warm African sky.


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