NEW Venetian Daydream Collection is a vibrant and fresh look for spring!

A fun and bold look that you will look fabulous showing off!
Products: Eye Colours // Deco, Dulce de Leche, Spanish Gold, Smoked Sapphire
Lipstick // Just Peachy


AVAILABLE FROM 1 SEPETMEBR 2015 at all MUD Showrooms & Stockists.

Step 1. Mix Face primer and Deco Eye Colour on the palette to create a cream eye colour. Apply onto the entire lid with a 300 Shadow Blender Brush.

Step 2. For more intense colour re-apply Deco Eye Colour with #350 Shadow Fluff Brush. Tap lightly to add more layers.

Step 3. Combining Dulce De Leche and Spanish Gold Eye Colours, use the 320 Oval Shadow Brush to highlight the brown bone. Extend to the outer corners of the brow.

Step 4. Contour the crease and bottom lash line with Smoked Saphire Eye Colour. Extend the colour out, adding a lift to the outer corner, then blend softly.

Step 5. To open the eyes, apply Dulce De Leche Eye Colour using the 400 Narrow Flat Brush in the inner corners of the eyes.

Step 6. Complete the look by applying two layers of Just Peachy Lipstick. Use the 930 Corrector Brush for a precise finish.

Kit 1 (with refills)
4 hole palette empty – R 270
Eyeshadow refills x 4 – R 772
Lipstick x 1 – R 255
Normal Price – R 1297
Promotional Offer Price – R1035

KIT 2 (with compacts)
4 eyeshadow compacts – R 996
Lipstick x 1 – R 255
Normal Price – R 1251
Promotional Offer Price – R999

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