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Pro Make-up Kit

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PRO Kit – for the serious makeup artist who want to be able to create just about any beauty makeup look from day, evening, bridal, studio , high fashion and studio looks.

Pro Kit

1 x Black nylon Makeup case
2 x Foundation Palettes with 16 Shades:
– Foundation Palette #1,
– Foundation Palette #2
2 x 12 Hole Eye Color Palettes with 24 Colors:
– Bone, Espresso, Taupe, Honeysuckle, Cashmere, Bronzed, Onyx, Dulce de Leche, Voodoo, Tinsel, Pomegranate, Ice, Pixie, Apricot, Midnight, Galaxy, Firebrick, Chamois, Spanish Gold, Pink Grapefruit, Sienna, Sugared Violet, Vineyard and Graphite
2 x Cake Eyeliners:
– Black and Brown
4 x Lip Pencils:
– Natural, Red, Maple and Mauve
8 Brushes:
– 210 Angle Liner Brush, 300 Small Shadow Brush, 310 Up Brush, 330 Shadow Fluff Brush, 710 Powder Blush Brush, 800 Crease Brush, 810 Smudger Brush and 940 Foundation Brush
1 x Corrector Palette with 8 Shades
1 x 10 Hole Cheek Color Palette with 10 Colors:
– Glow, Lemon Cream, Rose Petal, Soft Peach, Bubblegum, Poppy, Rose Beige, Warm Bisque, Cool Mauve and Berry
6 x Lipsticks:
– Idol, Flirt, Just Peachy, Lady Bug, Rose Clay and Pink Twinkle
4 x Eye Pencils:
– Black, Taupe, Rich Brown and Black Forest
25 x Disposable Mascara Wands,
1 x Pack of Pre-Cut Sponges,
Volumizing Mascara, Tweezers, Trimming Scissors, Pencil Sharpener, Palette Knife, Metal Mixing Palette, Eyelash Curler, Face Primer, Zero Loose Powder,
Leatherine Brush Roll and Powder Puffs (2pk)

*styles may vary