R25,900.00 {price_including_VAT}

Level 1: Beauty Essentials – Make-up Artist Course

Course Fee: R 12 000
Kit: R 13 900
Total fee: R 25 900

Maximum deposit payable online: R 20 000 (MobiCred gives up to R20 000 credit for you to pay off in instalments)






Beauty Essentials is the first class associated with all MUD programs and is the first step in becoming a make-up artist. We consider these 84-hours the absolute minimum necessary to learn beauty make-up. With this program a student will be able to take the first step into a bigger world or expand their knowledge to incorporate make-up into other services.

This program meets Monday through Friday and consists of 12 full days or 24 half days for a total of 84 clock hours and consists of the following courses:

  • Beauty Essentials

Course Fee: R 12 000
Kit: R 13 900 (click here to open Supply List)
Total fee: R 25 900

Deposit payable online: R 20 000
mobicred (up to R 20 000 credit) available on checkout, to apply follow link below.





Terms and Conditions:

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