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#210 Angle Liner

R385.00 (inc. VAT)

Fine, sharp angle is perfect for creating precise, even lines.

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Here are a few tips to help care for your brushes:

- To preserve brushes, clean regularly with a professional brush cleaner.
- While cleaning brushes, only dip the bristles in the cleaner and wipe off the product with a tissue.
- To prevent the glue under the ferrule from loosening, do not let the brush cleaner go beyond the bristles or set the brushes in the cleaner for a long period of time. Shape bristles back to the original form and lay flat to dry.
- To preserve the shape, lay brushes against the skin rather than pushing bristles directly onto the skin when applying product.

Quick Study: Use to apply MUD Eye Color as a wet or dry liner along upper and lower lash lines.
May also be used to create natural hair strokes on eyebrows.

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