Natural Day Looks Make-up Workshop

Creating a natural, no make-up look is what every woman needs on a daily basis. We will guide you through the process of applying make-up so it not only looks natural and minimal, but also looks clean, and helps each person to look their very best – everyday – everywhere!

Be radiant with natural make-up
For all you ladies who are fearless, proud, and want to show off your natural beauty, this workshop is a must. Our professional make-up artists will show you how to quickly and efficiently enhance your beauty. No fuss! No muss! Book now!

You will learn to:

Use minimal make-up for maximum appeal.
Play with highlight and shadow to lightly accentuate your best features
You get to know the benefits of a touch of make-up, tailored to your style and personality.
How to do it at home with step by step instructions
When we say natural – we mean natural. Thick layers of make-up and mascara are out of the question!

Sign up now – alone or with friends – book now

Location MUD Studio Mbombela, MUD Studio Brooklyn Mall Pretoria, MUD Studio Kyalami Corner, MUD Studio Sandton, MUD Studio Krugersdorp, MUD Studio Bloemfontein
Type Individual participation / Two per booking
Price R1100 / pp
Kit Free products included, worth R1100!

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