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4The FIRST MUD STUDIO in South Africa 
Make-Up Designory (MUD) was founded in 1997 in North Hollywood, California, bringing quality education and products to the make-up artist community. This 16 year old brand has proudly monopolised the professional make-up industry with its world class training facilities and high performance products and is now making its mark in South Africa. Brenda Botha is the owner of MUD South Africa and is on a winning streak with MUD in our beauty industry.
Brenda has a passion for the beauty industry and believes that MUD is the perfect partner for a professional make-up artist, image consultant, student and beauty salons. She has made a significant impact in the South African Beauty Industry in the last 3 years by providing MUD Products and training to major beauty salons and training institutions as part of their make-up services and various make-up training facilities. Today, we have seven MUD Distributors in South Africa in major provinces.
MUD International has now awarded SA the rights to open THE MUD STUDIO. This is a huge accomplishment for MUD in South Africa as we have grown the footprint in the market and MUD has awarded us with this privilege to conduct training under the international accredited courses.

Los Angeles and New York are the first training centres that lead the accredited courses. MUD Studios located globally bring world class education to you worldwide. At MUD, we are dedicated to providing valuable training in the fundamentals of study. Each year, our schools train hundreds of students from around the world in a variety of make-up specialties. Whether a student chooses the intricacies of prosthetics or the delicacy of beauty make-up, Make-Up Designory prepares the student to begin a journey as a make-up artist.

Based on MUD’s highly successful curriculum and teaching style, MUD Studio courses were developed to meet the growing demand for quality make-up education. MUD Studio’s operated outside the United States by licensees – offer the same studio classes at stand-alone facilities. With an educational classroom, the experience evolves from make-up enthusiast workshops to pro level classes – eventually allowing the student to join the ranks of MUD certified artists or continue their education Each Studio has at least one classroom and a retail space.

The retail space is a sleek new make-up boutique that provides the customer with a unique educational retail experience. MUD certified make-up artists and educators give knowledge to the customer as soon as they walk through the door. From the retail floor, customers are invited to attend weekend and evening seminars.

All MUD make-up and tools go through a rigorous testing process in challenging, real-world situations, from the harsh conditions of a remote film location to the bright lights of Broadway. Through this trial by fire, MUD continues to perfect each product until they see consistently exceptional results. Only then, does it receive the “MUD-Certified” stamp of approval. It’s all about honest performance. MUD believes the true purpose of make-up is to correct, cover and conceal. From our award-winning mascara to our creamy foundations, luxurious lipsticks to our silky eye shadows, each of the distinctive products performs as it’s meant to: precisely and beautifully.

At MUD, creating honest make-up products and providing quality education has been our passion for the past decade. “We plan to stay loyal to that tradition. That’s what makes us different from other make-up brands. We conduct rigorous testing for our MUD line of products through industry experts and up-and-coming make-up artists at our highly regarded schools in Los Angeles and New York, to ensure we meet professional standards for today and tomorrow.” says MUD International.
So whether you dare to be different, prefer polished and professional or simply want an all-natural look, MUD promises quality, long-lasting wearability, flawless application and radiantly accurate colour. With systematic lines, precision tools, how-to guides and insider tips, we’ve eliminated the frustrating guesswork. Just simple, smart, versatile make-up. No wonder MUD has been the expert choice of make-up professionals for the past decade.

The opening of THE MUD STUDIO marks a revolution in makeup artistry industry in South Africa. Whereby students will be equipped with the skill sand tools to work internationally on the same level as the most senior artists. All students qualifying at THE MUD STUDIO will be able to work confidently in the field they have chosen.

Kits are designed for each course and each class you take builds your kit. Inside the kit, you will find the MUD make-up, course books, and other printed material needed to complete the course. Also, each kit contains a course completion application and unique serial number. This number allows us to track the student and insure they receive the appropriate certification.

Student studying the MUD curriculum will be certified and issued their qualifications via the head office in USA Los Angeles.

The MUD STUDIO Launch event was held on 4 June. Attended by celebrities and local press, being introduced to the MUD Studio offering and international training curriculum. The Director of Education, Treasurer of MUD, Paul Thompson and Director of Operations for MUD International Troy Watson attended the launch in South Africa and were welcomed warmly for thie knowledge on the brand. We truly appreciate their time and efforts and will ensure the MUD Brand is held in high esteem as it is around the world.

Shop 53, Morning Glen Mall
Cnr Bowling Ave & Kelvin Drive, Gallo Manor, Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa.
Contact 011 656 0120,
Twitter: @MUDSouthAfrica

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MUD Lipstick’s give you the summers hottest colours

Vivacious colours can transform your look from fun to fabulous are making their way within the MUD lip colour collection. These rich luscious hues go on smoothly while the pinks, oranges and reds show off a proud to be loud attitude that is sure to draw a crowd.

RSP: R280 each
These luxurious Satin Lipsticks are emollient-rich with a non-drying formula that leaves lips feeling soft and smooth with an opaque matte finish.
1. Idol: A purple-magenta color with a warm undertone.
2. Burlesque: A deep berry-red color. Add Magnolia Lip Glaze to create a fresh, berry gloss for a day-time look.
3. Flirt: A deep, hot pink color. Mix with Sandy Beach to create a fun bubble-gum pink color.
4. Lucky: A vivid, coral red. Use with Red Lip Pencil to deepen the color.
5. Charm: A matte, soft pink with a cool undertone. To sheer the pink for a fresh-faced look, add Shine gloss or, to increase the intensity, add Cupid Lip Glaze for a bright pouty pink.
6. Soleil: A warm, burnt orange/coral. Add Lip Glaze in Spicy to add a spark of shine, or, a layer of Cantaloupe Lip Glaze for a bright, light coral color.

Havana – A deep, warm brown colour with a hint of terracotta. Use with Mahogany Lip Pencil for a rich, warm look Great on darker skin tones.
Blackberry – A deep, berry-wine colour. Use with Mauve Lip Pencil for a warm shade of plum.
Lady Bug – An intense red colour with a slight blue undertone. Use with Red Lip Pencil for classic red lips.
Rustic – A rich burnt orange colour. Use with Brick Lip Pencil for a rich, bold look Great for warming up darker skin tones.

Rose Clay – A light, natural pink-brown colour. Use with Natural Lip Pencil for everyday wear Use with Maple Lip Pencil for a soft, natural look.
Just Peachy – A soft peach colour with a muted orange undertone. Use with Natural Lip Pencil for a soft, natural look. Looks great on blondes and redheads.
Sandy Beach – An ultra-light, creamy natural colour Use with Natural or Maple Lip Pencil for a soft, natural look. Mix with any MUD lip colour to lighten the shade.
Stargazer – A warm copper colour with subtle flecks of gold. For a rich copper look, top off with Henna lip gloss. Use with Mauve Lip Pencil for a warm, natural look.
Pink Twinkle – A light violet-pink colour with a gold glint used to create a fresh, youthful look.
Mai Tai – A deep peach-pink colour with a muted blue undertone. Use with Natural Lip Pencil for a soft, natural look. Great for all ages and skin tones Adds warmth to mature faces.
Eggplant – An ultra-sheer burgundy wine colour with a bluish undertone Ideal for a subtle stained effect. Mix with Mudslide for a natural lip colour. Use with Mauve Lip Pencil for a deeper effect Try on the cheeks for a hint of stain.
Mudslide – A light neutral brown colour Works well on most skin tones. Use with Natural or Maple Lip Pencil for a soft, natural look Mix with other lip colours to add a touch of brown.
MUD features a spectrum of versatile products with long-lasting wearability that is perfect for the professional make-up artist or the everyday make-up enthusiast. To find out more or to find a local distributor near you click here.




NEW Venetian Daydream Collection is a vibrant and fresh look for spring!

A fun and bold look that you will look fabulous showing off!
Products: Eye Colours // Deco, Dulce de Leche, Spanish Gold, Smoked Sapphire
Lipstick // Just Peachy


AVAILABLE FROM 1 SEPETMEBR 2015 at all MUD Showrooms & Stockists.

Step 1. Mix Face primer and Deco Eye Colour on the palette to create a cream eye colour. Apply onto the entire lid with a 300 Shadow Blender Brush.

Step 2. For more intense colour re-apply Deco Eye Colour with #350 Shadow Fluff Brush. Tap lightly to add more layers.

Step 3. Combining Dulce De Leche and Spanish Gold Eye Colours, use the 320 Oval Shadow Brush to highlight the brown bone. Extend to the outer corners of the brow.

Step 4. Contour the crease and bottom lash line with Smoked Saphire Eye Colour. Extend the colour out, adding a lift to the outer corner, then blend softly.

Step 5. To open the eyes, apply Dulce De Leche Eye Colour using the 400 Narrow Flat Brush in the inner corners of the eyes.

Step 6. Complete the look by applying two layers of Just Peachy Lipstick. Use the 930 Corrector Brush for a precise finish.

Kit 1 (with refills)
4 hole palette empty – R 270
Eyeshadow refills x 4 – R 772
Lipstick x 1 – R 255
Normal Price – R 1297
Promotional Offer Price – R1035

KIT 2 (with compacts)
4 eyeshadow compacts – R 996
Lipstick x 1 – R 255
Normal Price – R 1251
Promotional Offer Price – R999

ORDER TODAY at a showroom near you!VenetianLong



MUD South Africa sponsored the Makeup used in the up and coming Ayanda Film. 
Visit a MUD Showroom nationally to try out our latest Ayanda Look and Collection of products. 
To find out more or to find a local distributor near you click here.

MUD South Africa sponsored the Makeup used in the up and coming Ayanda Film.
Visit a MUD Showroom nationally to try out our latest Ayanda Look and Collection of products.
To find out more or to find a local distributor near you click here.

Leading Lady Terry Pheto illustrates a Fiery Heart & Fiery Mind.

Watch the You Tube Trailer for the soon to be released movie:

17 September welcomes the celebrities and VIP guests for an exclusive screening at the MUD Studio in Sandton.




This year MUD will most certainly be on your Christmas wish list with these gorgeous holiday kits. The colours and looks are inspired for day and evening looks to celebrate!



Better Not Pout
Java Lip Glaze, Magnolia Lip Glaze, Bare Lip Glaze.
RETAIL price – R390





a3800b41bab87562464c611e44ee7ca1Holiday Warmth
Pixie Compact, Berrywood Compact, Vintage Eye Pencil, Bare Lip Glaze.
RETAIL price – R595






Smoked Sapphire, Wheat Eye Compact, Iced Latte Lip Gloss, Garnet Cheek Compact.
RETAIL price – R595






Pixie, Vineyard, Smoked Sapphire, Orchid Eye Compact, Cool Mauve Cheek Compact, Bare Lip Glaze.
RETAIL price – R790






68a9bcb3293199507c3d7eb8e656efa0Decked Out
Pixie, Moss, Wheat, Berrywood, Tinsel, Smoked Sapphire Eye Compact, Garnet Cheek Compact, Iced Latte Lip Glaze.
RETAIL price – R999







NEW Elevate Look is a dramatic look for year end celebrations!Elevate_FB3

Products available on request at MUD Studio Sandton, MUD showrooms nationwide & participating stockists.
Tips by Sean Conklin @ MUD USA – We will guide you through the latest MUD year end look step by step.

Lipstick: Rose Clay // Lip Pencil: Mauve // Eye Colours: Canvas, Onyx, Tinsel, Vineyard

This is a look created and inspired by contemporary Vienna. 

Tools Needed:
Lipstick: Rose Clay
Lip Pencil: Mauve
Eye Colours: Canvas, Onyx, Tinsel, Vineyard

• For a highlight lightly sweep the Canvas eye colour on the brow bone with the #320 oval shadow brush.
• Place the Onyx eye colour on the outer corners of the top lid and follow the crease towards the centre of the eye with the #320 shadow blender brush, connect the outer corner with the lower lash and follow the lower lash line to the tear duct.
• Use the 800 crease brush and layer the vineyard eye colour on the crease to soften the edges and to add warmth to the eye treatment.
• To intensify the tinsel eye colour add a small amount of face primer on the still pallet and stipple the on the lid with the #320 oval shadow brush.
• Apply the Vineyard on the outer corner of the eye, to transition the Tinsel and the Onyx eye colours.
• Line and fill in the lips with the Mauve lip pencil for a lighter application use the 810 smudger brush to transfer the colour on the lips.
• Apply the rose clay lipstick with the #310 lip brush for precise application.
• To compliment this collection and to add warmth to the entire face apply the cool Mauve to the check bones with the #710 powder blush brush.

ORDER TODAY at a showroom near you!

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MUD Studio Sandton will host Gil Romero in South Africa (Aug/Sept 2016)

He will be in SA for a serious of courses and to certify our new lecturers at the MUD Studio Cape Town (Opening September 2016)

Enrolments are now open!!! For more info: or call Aloma at 011 656 0120

 Read more about this artist/trainer:


Gil Romero has been an educator with Make-up Designory for over 15 years. He is a graduate of Willow Park High School in Apple Valley, CA, Cinema Make-up School in Los Angeles, CA and Make-Up Designory. Additionally, he received training in make-up design and artistry from UCLA Extension and Schell Sculpture Studio, and has continued to further his own educational experiences by taking courses in management and instructional methodology through UCLA Extension, University of Phoenix, Victorville Community College, Skillpath and the Coalition of New York State Career Schools. Mr. Romero has lectured and demonstrated make-up techniques including injury simulation, the process of prosthetic construction and prosthetic application on behalf of MUD, both nationally and internationally. In 2009, he co-authored the second edition of Make-Up Designory’s Character Make-up textbook. As a professional make-up and special make-up effects artist, Mr. Romero has had extensive experience in film and television since 1995.

His work has been seen on television shows and films including The Unit, Scrubs, Prison Break, Untold Stories of the E.R., The Sarah Silverman Show, The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson, The Shield, America’s Next Top Model, Midnight Movie, Five Fingers with Laurence Fishburne, Route 666 with Lou Diamond Phillips, Rob Zombie’s House of 1000 Corpses, tattoo transfers for Sherri Moon-Zombie in The Lords of Salem and effects for the short film Wounded Embark of a Lovesick Mind by author/ illustrator and film director Gris Grimly. In addition to his film and television work, he has produced prosthetic make-ups and effects for Universal Studios’ Hollywood and Tokyo live- action stunt show WaterWorld, the Anubis puppets for The Mummy II: Chamber of Horrors, Busch Gardens Howl-O-Scream event character “Jack”, FuseTV/ Fangoria Chainsaw Awards, Lady Gaga and other live musical performers, and specialty trauma simulations for companies and professional organizations including one of the largest and most technologically advanced burn centers in the U.S., the Integris Burn Center.











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