Make-up Designory has makeup courses and groups of courses to meet just about any need. Most of the makeup classes below require Beauty Essentials as a prerequisite. All classes are also offered as continuing education for make-up professionals. We have developed our makeup courses to build upon one another so that students will benefit from the combined materials and the progressive nature of the curriculum.
Students are allowed to take any combination of classes they may deem necessary, however, we strongly urge students to speak with an Admissions Advisor to ensure the student is choosing classes that will help their career goals. We create groups of classes or programs to illustrate possible combinations that are designed to provide comprehensive training in various aspects of make-up artistry.

Students who complete Beauty Essentials will be certified as Level I Make-up Artist. Students who complete Beauty Essentials, Airbrush, Bridal Make-up, Studio Make-up, and High Fashion Make-up Trends will receive the Level II Make-up Artist certification and become eligible to transfer to the main campus program having completed the equivalent of Beauty 101: Fundamentals of Beauty Make-up.

Students who complete Beauty Essentials, Airbrush, Bridal Make-up, Studio Make-up, High Fashion Make-up Trends, Essentials of Hairstyling, Special Make-up Effects and Portfolio Development will receive the Level III Make-up Artist certification and again will be eligible to transfer to the main campus program, however, this program is designed as a comprehensive program to meet the needs of students staying in a local market. Please note that some classes and programs may not be available at all locations.

A Certificate and Card are awarded for successful completion of any course or group of courses.



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