#ItGirl Collection – Out in the Club – #MUDSelfie
She’s wearing the new MUD Collection. Looking Fabulous!

She was the beauty on everyone’s lips during Spring break, thanks to her incredibly stylish outfits and daring make-up looks- we’re always looking forward to seeing what she wears next.Her beauty choices have been mesmerising and the yellow and purple make-up at the Award Show was without- a-doubt our favourite. But, she revealed in an interview with MUD ART Magazine that she doesn’t rely on make-up to make her feel beautiful.

And it’s easy to see that she doesn’t need make-up to make her feel beautiful, thanks to her glowing skin. Her secrets involve Make-Up Designory products:
“I love MUD Taupe blended all the way to my brows. I use Daisy, which I mixed with Primer to use as eyeliner. It gives me a summer-night-out kind of glow! To cool my look down a bit, I use Mauve on my cheek-and for the final pop of colour I went for MUD’s new lipstick in IDOL #MUDbeauty!”
1. Contour
Apply the Taupe Eye Colour to contour the cheek with the 510 Fan Brush. Begin at the centre of the ear and follow the lower part of the ear and follow the lower part of the cheek bone and end below the outer edge of the iris. Soften the hard lines for a soft look.
2. Crease
Contour the crease of the eye with the Taupe Eye Colour and connect the outer lash line to the crease. Use a wet application for more depth. Be sure to extend the colour out, adding a lift to the outer corner in a wing-like shape.
3. Lid
Apply the Daisy Eye Colour wet with Brush 210 for an intense highlight.
Start in the inner corner of the lid and flare out to the outer edge.
4. Lower Lash Line
For added definition apply the Taupe to the lower lash line.
5. Cheek
With Brush 710, apply the cool Mauve Cheek Colour in a circular motion in the centre of the cheek bone.
6. Lip
Finish off the look with the Idol lipstick and the 310 Lip Brush.

Products available on request at the MUD Showrooms.
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