The Best Products Every Makeup Artist Should Have

If you are just starting out as a professional makeup artist, your makeup is an essential part of your everyday life. The secret weapon to creating catwalk beautiful and flawless faces is using the best makeup products, as what you don’t have or do have in your kit can be the difference between an amateur and a professional!

Buying the very best makeup products is not always an easy task. In fact, it can be quite overwhelming, as there is an assortment of products on the market today. So, to help you, we have listed a few products that every artist should not be without. Not only are they the very best makeup products, but with these products, you can complete just about every type of look that there is.

·         Eye Shadow Palette – eye shadow is simply amazing, it make eyes look bigger, smaller, elongated, lifted and defined – but not just any eye shadow will do! As a makeup artist, you need to be ready and prepared to create all types of looks, after all, transforming faces is what you are paid to do, and it is important that you keep a wide range of vibrant shades in both a glossy and a matt finish.

·         Makeup Brush Set – just like an artist needs paint brushes, a makeup artist needs their makeup brushes. These tools are one of the top essentials to all makeup artists’ kits. If you want to apply makeup like a professional, then you need to use what professionals use and that can only be found with the unique collection of MUD brushes.

·         Cream and Powder Foundation – as the colour wheel teaches, different complexions require different foundations and as an artist, you have to find that perfect blend. Every makeup artist must have a mixing palette and a few standard cream and powder foundations. As one of the best products ever created for women, foundation can make older women look younger and younger women look older. Your foundation is the foundation of your kit – never leave home without it!

·         Lipstick – every makeup artist must have a lipstick palette of at least 5 shades in their kit, from bright orange, coffee browns and pink, to fire engine red.

At MUD SA, we have been creating high-quality professional makeup for over a decade now, and have received international credit by prominent and celebrated beauty artists throughout the globe. Making our mark on the South African beauty industry with the best products, our professional makeup kits not only include everything that you need to be a true working professional, but they also allow professionals to excel at bringing their ideas to life.

Whether you want to transform faces completely, or whether you want to keep your clients looking natural, fresh, sleek and polished – a professional makeup kit from MUD SA can offer you every type of look for every type of complexion.

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