5 Disposable Essentials that are Vital for Professional Make-up Kits

As a professional make-up artist, when it comes to applying flawless make-up, the big secret lies in your make-up kit. If you are just starting out, then you are probably only just learning about the importance of professional kits and how to put one together.

As an artist, you will be beautifying faces all day long and it is up to you to make sure that you keep your workspace and your kit as clean and sanitary as possible. Besides your brush set, cream foundations, lipsticks and eye shadows, there are a few tools that you simply cannot double-dip for sanitary reasons and will have to be disposable. To protect you and your clients from nasty infections and potential health problems, below you will find 5 disposable essentials that are vital for all professional make-up kits.

1.     Wedge Sponges – wedge sponges are more valuable than you think and just like an eraser, they are for erasing mistakes. Leaving no lines behind, they buff out edges and blend make-up. This is a tool that you will grow very close to, so make sure that you have an endless supply.

2.     Mascara Wands – avoid the dangers of infection and contamination by using disposable mascara wands.Always use a new disposable brush by only dipping the wands into the mascara once, apply to lashes, and then throw away immediately.

3.     Mixing Palette – as the colour wheel teaches, different complexions require different foundations and as an artist, you have to find that perfect blend. A mixing palette is an invaluable tool that is a must for all professional make-up kits, and as a professional, you should always apply make-up from a palette and not directly from the product.

4.     Earbuds – believe it or not, these little sticks will become your new best friends. They are so handy when it comes to cleaning up eye shadow, and smudges around the lips and eyes. But make sure that you buy quality earbuds, as the cheaper ones do not have much cotton wool on the end and can easily end up poking clients in the eyes.

5.     Powder Puffs – designed to work with powder and create a heavier layer of powder than what brushes are able to, they provide a shine-free and matt looking finish. Powder puffs are big oil absorbers, so use once and throw away.

A good, skilled and professional make-up artist practices good hygiene.You do not want a beautiful make-up job to turn into an ugly nightmare, as this will not be good for your reputation. If you want to invest in quality professional make-up kits, then you need to turn to MUD SA.

At MUD SA, we have been creating high-quality, honest make-up for over a decade now, and have received international recognition by renowned beauty artists throughout the world. Our professional make-up kits feature an assortment of every professional quality product that you will need in order to excel in your industry as a professional make-up artist.  Contact us today and let’s build the best kit for you together!

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