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Looking to enrol in workshops in order to learn the art of applying your make-up like a professional?  Every woman knows that make-up is the secret weapon to looking fabulous. If you look good then you feel good! Unfortunately, many women do not know how to apply their make-up properly and in the attempt to look like the models they see on the covers of magazines, they either end up caking their faces with way too much or they use the wrong colours that do not complement their skin tones.

Cosmetics are not cheap. How many times have you wasted good money on a lipstick, eye shadow or a foundation that did not do your face justice? Would you not love to learn what cosmetics will work for your complexion, what colours to use and how to apply these flawlessly? Well at MUD SA, we are here to teach you the tricks, illusions and secrets of make-up artistry. That is right! If you are an everyday modern woman looking to master the art of applying your own make-up like a professional, we can teach you!

Founded in 1997 in California, USA, we are a school run by professional make-up artists for make-up artists. We offer short workshops and courses aimed at those looking to either become professionals, or for the everyday modern woman looking to master their own make-up art. Our workshops are designed to empower women with the right skills to enhance their beauty, to give them the confidence to be creative and try something new.Our short workshops and courses are as follows:

·       3 Day Beginners Makeup Course
·       3 Day Intermediate Makeup Course
·       5 Day Advanced Makeup Course
·       2 Day Advanced Special Effects Makeup Course
·       Photographic Makeup Course
·       4 Day Theatrical, Stage and Character Makeup Course
·       One-on-One Makeup Lesson
·       4 Hour Makeup Workshop

Through our fun and creative workshops, you will gain valuable tips on all the hottest styles, trends and techniques. We will teach you everything there is to know about how to make yourself look flawless and beautiful. What do you want to learn? Does the smokey eye fascinate you? Do you want to learn how to make thin lips look big and big eyes look small? Whether you are an adult, a teenager, you have ethnic skin, you want to learn how to apply false lashes or learn the art of eyebrow shaping and more, our workshops can teach it all to you. Once you have the know-how, you will see just how much make-up can accentuate your best features and hide those that are not as favourable.

Contact the experts at MUD SA today and let us teach you the secrets of the professionals. Learn how to make yourself look like you just walked off the cover of a magazine every day! 

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