The Top 5 Essentials Every Make-up Artist Needs in Their Kit

If you are starting out as a make-up artist, then make-up is going to be an essential part of your everyday life, like paint is for an artist, and in the 21st century there are so many products available on the market. In fact, the beauty industry is constantly transforming with new make-up products being launched every day, all claiming to be superior to the one before, leaving you to wonder which products you should choose.


While it may be easy to buy make-up for your kit, the hard part is actually choosing the right basic essentials. We at MUD SA are here tooffer you our top 5 essentials that every make-up artist need in their kit.These products will help you achieve flawless make-up for everyday artistry jobs, from weddings to fashion shoots, so update those overstuffed or empty make-up kits and invest in these basic essentials.

1.     Cream Foundation – cream foundation is vital for all make-up kits. A quality cream foundation will not only make your skin look flawless, but it will also make sure that the other make-up you apply stays on your skin. Your cream foundation should therefore be selected thoughtfully. For a sheer natural look to a flawless full-coverage finish, MUD cream foundation keeps skin looking even and is also formulated for ultra-smooth blending and application.

2.     Mascara – high quality water and smudge proof mascara adds the X-factor to any pair of eyes and is an absolute essential in all make-up kits. However, germs can get transmitted through lash brushes, thus you are going to need disposable brushes for your mascara. For a day or night time look, maximising length and super-volume, invest in MUD black mascara and disposable mascara wands.

3.     Make-up Brush Set – make-up brushes are one of the top essentials to all make-up kits. As you evolve as a make-up artist you will learn what brushes you enjoy working with the best, but to start off with, take a look at the unique collection of MUD make-up brushes. Designed specifically for make-up artistry, MUD brushes are made to create every professional look.

4.     Lipstick – this is the most important product of all! Every artist should have a lipstick palette of at least 5 shades in their make-up kit, from fire engine red to coffee brown, to bright orange and pink. MUD’s emollient-rich lipsticks combine long-lasting durability with a wide range of flattering colours that can be found in glossy, matt and cream finish.

5.     Eye shadow – eye shadow is amazing as it can transform and magnify the beauty of any tired eye. Pinks and browns flatter almost every skin tone, but as a make-up artist you need to ensure that you keep a wide range of vibrant shades in both a glossy and a matt finish.

Why Choose MUD?

For over a decade now, MUD has been leading the way with high quality make-up kits. Our range has been specifically formulated for those who wish to enjoy a career as a professional make-up artist. We also offer training courses and programmes where we will teach you various techniques to create various looks.

Should you require more information about our products and courses, simply contact our team at MUD SA today.


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