The Top Two Essentials Found in Professional MUD Make up Kits

Growing faster than any other industry worldwide, the makeup industry is one that is constantly improving, growing and changing. If you’re a professional make up artist, then make up kits are without a doubt an essential part of your everyday life, and just as quickly as make up trends and beauty products evolve, so should your kit!

At MUD SA, we’ve been creating high-quality, honest make up for over a decade now and have received international recognition by renowned beauty artists throughout the world. Our professional make up kits feature an assortment of every professional quality product that you will need, in order to excel in your industry as a professional make up artist. Below are the top two essentials that can be found in our professional MUD make up kits.

·         A Makeup Brush Set – while the aim of a make up artist is to apply make up in such a way that it looks like your client was born that way, with the right brushes, you can achieve perfection. Accredited as one of the top essentials to all professional makeup kits, our MUD kits come with the highest quality range of brushes required to succeed as a makeup artist. You will find a foundation brush, angled blush brush, eye shadow brush, brow brush and comb, powder brush, lip brush and a smudge brush.

·         Cream Foundation Palettes – different complexions require different foundations and it’s up to you as the artist and stylist to find that perfect blend using a colour wheel, mixing palette and a palette of superior quality cream foundations. Formulated for ultra-smooth blending and application, our MUD cream foundations are professionally suited for either creating the perfect sheer and natural look, or a flawless full-coverage finish. Found in all of our MUD make up kits, our cream foundation palettes are prized for keeping skin looking even, as well as blemish and wrinkle-free.

As a professional make up artist, what you don’t have or what you do have in your kit can be the difference between an amateur and an expert. If you want to apply make up like a professional, then you must use what the professionals use, and that can only be found with our MUD make up kits.

Selected by professionals for professionals, our MUD kits feature an assortment of products in the latest palettes for every type of skin tone that there is. In our kits, you’ll not only find the top of the range professional artistry brush sets and mixing tools, but you’ll also find every colour shade and tone required for the skin, eyes, cheeks and lips. Contact us today to order your make up kit!

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