Start Your Career Off with an Exceptional Professional Makeup Kit

It is 2015, which means that it is time to throw out your old and make space for the new. Just like fashion, makeup is constantly expanding and changing, and just like your portfolio, your makeup kit is something that should always be kept updated, fresh and new.

For every professional makeup artist, along with their talent and skills, their makeup kit is their most important tool. To be without it would be like an artist without their paint or brushes. If you are just starting out in the business as a makeup artist, then it is important that you understand that when it comes to applying flawless makeup, the real secret lies in your professional kit. However, buying the right makeup kit is not always an easy task, as today there is a massive variety of brands on the market.

The beauty industry has never been more exciting than it is right now. While it is spilling over with an enormous variety of ground-breaking transformations, we are here to tell you that if you want to apply makeup like the professionals, then you must use what the professionals use, and that can only be found with the makeup kits from MUD SA. Take a look at our starter, basic and comprehensive kits below. You will find that our kits offer everything that you will need to be a successful makeup artist in no time!

·         Starter Kit – an excellent choice for beginners, this kit includes a 6 shade eye shadow palette, 2 blush palettes, eyeliner, lip liner, black mascara, translucent loose powder, sharpener, plastic spatula, powder puff, 12 pack latex wedges, 4 full-size lipstick shades, small pro makeup case, 8 shade foundation palette, 7 piece brush set and 3 disposable mascara wands.

·         Basic Kit – this kit includes 2 x 6 shade eye shadow palettes, 2 blush palettes, 5 full-size lipstick shades, 8 shade foundation palette, translucent loose powder, lip liner and lip-gloss, 2 eyeliners, black mascara, plastic spatula, powder puff,  3 disposable mascara wands, 12 pack latex wedges, sharpener, 18 piece brush set and a medium pro makeup case.

·         Comprehensive Kit – ideal for professional makeup artists, this comprehensive kit includes a 12 shade eye shadow palette, 4 blush palettes, 7 full-size lipstick shades, 8 shade foundation palette, 2 eyeliners, 2 lip liners, plastic spatula, powder puff, 5 disposable mascara wands, 12 pack makeup latex wedges, sharpener, 18 piece pro brush set, mascara, 6 shade corrector wheel, 2 translucent loose powders, 50ml face primer and a large pro makeup case.

Start your career off with an exceptional professional makeup kit that will not only keep skin healthy, glowing and radiant, but will also give skin that professional 24-hour flawless look. Contact us today!

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