Professional Make up Tips for Professional Women on the Go

Want to know what professional make up artists learn at make up school? If you are a busy working woman looking to glam up your look with a bit of make up, then there is no better place to turn to, than the professionals, for a few inside tips. In the professional world, looking put together and polished is essential, and choosing to wear the right shades of make up can really add that finishing touch, as well as add that extra bit of confidence that you may, or may not be lacking.

At MUD SA, we do not believe that applying professional make up for the office has to be complicated, but what we do believe is that it should be of the very best quality, and a good place to start is with our professional makeup at MUD SA. Below, we offer some advice on professional office looks using MUD make up that you will be able to find in our catalogue or within our small, medium and large make up kits for sale.

·         The Polished and Natural Look – to get the perfect look for any day of the week, all you will need to pull this off is black mascara, a lash curler, concealer, foundation, nude lipstick, lip liner and lip gloss. First apply the concealer and then apply the foundation on your t-zone. After applying 2 coats of mascara, curl your eyelashes with your lash curler. Line your lips and apply the nude colour, then add some shine with the lip gloss and you will have the perfect clean and polished look.

·         The Refined and Striking Look – every industry is different and so is every woman. If you are more of a creative, then this look will be just right for you. What you will need is mascara, a lash curler, concealer, foundation, 2 eye shadow colours, blusher, lip liner and a bold lip colour of your choice. Apply as you would for the natural look, except hold on the mascara until you have applied the eye shadow. Apply the darker eye shadow shade above the lid and a thin line of the lighter shade under the lower lash.

·         The Confident and Bold Look – depending on your personality, this is a strong look that works well if you are in a position of power. What you will need is concealer, mascara, foundation, two shades of eye shadow that compliment your eyes, a dark shade of eye liner, two shades of blusher, and a bold shade of lipstick and lip liner. Apply concealer, foundation and eye shadow as you would for the striking look. Sweeping up, apply the light shade of blusher to the top of the cheekbone and the darker shade to the apples of the cheeks. Apply the lip liner and lipstick with a brush and you are good to go!

At MUD SA, we believe that make up is to correct, cover and conceal, and all of our make up goes through strict and scrupulous testing before receiving our “MUD-Certified” stamp of approval. It is no wonder that MUD professional make up is the expert choice for professional make up artists throughout the beauty and fashion world. Browse our online catalogue to place your order today!

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