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NEW Elevate Look is a dramatic look for year end celebrations!

Products available on request at MUD Studio Sandton, MUD showrooms nationwide & participating stockists.
Tips by Sean Conklin @ MUD USA – We will guide you through the latest MUD year end look step by step.

Lipstick: Rose Clay // Lip Pencil: Mauve // Eye Colours: Canvas, Onyx, Tinsel, Vineyard

This is a look created and inspired by contemporary Vienna. 

Tools Needed:
Lipstick: Rose Clay
Lip Pencil: Mauve
Eye Colours: Canvas, Onyx, Tinsel, Vineyard

• For a highlight lightly sweep the Canvas eye colour on the brow bone with the #320 oval shadow brush.
• Place the Onyx eye colour on the outer corners of the top lid and follow the crease towards the centre of the eye with the #320 shadow blender brush, connect the outer corner with the lower lash and follow the lower lash line to the tear duct.
• Use the 800 crease brush and layer the vineyard eye colour on the crease to soften the edges and to add warmth to the eye treatment.
• To intensify the tinsel eye colour add a small amount of face primer on the still pallet and stipple the on the lid with the #320 oval shadow brush.
• Apply the Vineyard on the outer corner of the eye, to transition the Tinsel and the Onyx eye colours.
• Line and fill in the lips with the Mauve lip pencil for a lighter application use the 810 smudger brush to transfer the colour on the lips.
• Apply the rose clay lipstick with the #310 lip brush for precise application.
• To compliment this collection and to add warmth to the entire face apply the cool Mauve to the check bones with the #710 powder blush brush.

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