Your Big Day

Choosing the right hair and makeup team for your big day is almost just as important as marrying the right man.

This is something that cannot be compromised on at all. You can have the perfect venue, photographer and dress, but if you don’t have a professional and experienced beauty team to take care of your big day, you might as well have to reschedule, because this aspect has the potential to make or break the day you’ve been dreaming about since you we’re twelve.

Be extremely diligent with your research when deciding on a hair and makeup team to stand by your side as you embark into this new exciting romantic journey. To opt for a well known brand with experience in the bridal industry is definitely your best and safest bet, as anyone starting out might not be as comfortable with the pressures that comes with bridal makeup and hair. Always book a bridal trail at least two months prior to your big day to give yourself enough time to make alternative arrangements or change ideas. Your hair and makeup trail is part of the key to ensure success on your wedding day. This will ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for and your makeup artist will be well prepared on turning you into your most beautiful and majestic self.

Choosing artist from the same company for both hair and makeup services might smoothen things out a lot, as they will comfortably work around each other without letting the unfamiliarity and possible challenges get to them. Every bride deserves to be absolutely cool, calm and collected during this beautiful but also high pressured time. At MUD we have the biggest compassion and beauty dreams with our Brides and promise to deliver nothing but professional service from start to finish. We offer both makeup and hair services for anyone all around our beautiful nation.

We don’t mind travelling to wedding destinations, as our main objective is to put the needs of our clients first.

MUD knows how to work under pressure in all circumstances, as our artists are trained to get the job done through rain and sunshine. Knowing that you have an equipped team for your special day will put your heart at ease. Don’t worry about not looking like a vision when you choose the right team for your wedding day, as there are already anxieties linked to such a big event.

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