MUD Beginning

From 1998 we made a fundamental commitment to our clients to not only give the absolute best education available but we also promise to never compromise on quality. We provide students with the best tools and techniques to build their own beautiful careers in the makeup industry.

Today, we still stand by our commitment and continue to build our line of cosmetics with the same integrity we started with twenty years ago. Our products have never and never will be tested on animals, this is on of our many never changing promises to our customers. We take this very seriously as we believe that no colour cosmetics need to be tested on animals to determine intensity.

The way in which products are manufactured is crucial to the way they will perform. Formulation integrity is something we perform on each batch to ensure the best results possible. Once batches are approved the product are carefully packaged and assembled in our environmentally friendly packaging. We have a five day test that guarantees that the products has not been contaminated and the quality has not been compromised.

Once each batch passes all applicable analysis the product is finally ready to be sold. We produce our cosmetics with high quality ingredients, always focusing on the balance between the two primary elements, which is called pigment and vehicle. Pigment gives the product colour and vehicle makes it move. The higher the pigment concentration, the longer the product will last. We create our products to last and we do not compromise and the manufacturing to cut costs.

Our packaging also reflects the quality of our products and appeals to both the consumer and professional because we truly understand the need to cater for both markets. We are a independent company who put the needs of our customers, partners and employees first.

In 1997, MUD was created by a few friends who had a passion for make up education. With a couple of classrooms and a handful of students, MUD was on the verge of becoming something big. As we outgrew our small school in North Hollywood, California, our need for our own branded cosmetics line also grew. From the beginning our goal was to create products that also matched our curriculum and met the standard of our educators.
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