Cruelty Free

MUD provides premium makeup products and quality education. We stay loyal to our passion for excellence in all areas, which sets us apart from other brands within the world of makeup.

One of our biggest and best properties is that we are absolutely against animal testing. Our products have never and never will be tested on animals, and quality will never be compromised. That is our promise to our customers.
Our synthetic brushes are made from proprietary blend of superior quality fibers. They are 100% vegan and have an ultra-soft feel. 2017 was a year of sustainability, innovation, and artistry for MUD. We continued to lesson our imprint on the environment by implementing refillable containers and eliminating many of our single-use compacts. We reduced our reliance on animals products by moving entirely to new high-performing synthetic fibers for our beautiful brush line.

We also began the process of eliminating single-use compacts for refillable compacts. Each pan is sold in a lightweight recyclable clamshell that contains far less plastic than other compacts. Once the product has been used up you can toss the pan into the recycle bin, and the concept of reducing waste is complete.

In addition, our universal palette is eco-friendly. This palette is made from paper and has an open format so you can place a variety of pan sizes in the unit.

MUD ensures a sustainable future by offering refillable products. We are also on the A list of cruelty-free beauty brands available in South-Africa.

MUD has committed to cruelty-free testing and we are currently on our way to becoming 100% vegan.

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