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At a time of economic uncertainty, in a world and marketplace dominated by large corporations, it is nice to know that there are still independent companies who put the needs of their customers, clients and employees first. While most companies are owned by large conglomerates or investment groups, Make-up Designory is  100% independent. Although independence can be limiting, it allows us to make the best possible products at affordable prices.

In 1997, MUD was created by a few friends who had a passion for makeup education. With a couple of classrooms and a few students, MUD was on the verge of becoming something big. As we outgrew our small school in North Hollywood, California, our need for our own branded Cosmetic line also grew. Today MUD is the largest Makeup School on the globe with MUD Studio® and MUD Partner Schools around the world.


MUD products are never tested on animals. The reality is that no colour cosmetics need to be tested on animals to determine toxicology and safety. ‘It is an antiquated form of testing’, says Francine Reich, ‘and laws such as the European Cosmetic Directive forbid it’. When it comes to animal testing, there is some confusion regarding China. While China does not require products produced in China to be tested on animals, it does require products imported into China to be tested on animals. We will never produce products in China, so, for this reason, we will never sell our products there.


At MUD we create our cosmetics with high-quality ingredients and we don’t use excessive fillers to cut costs, we create our products to last. Apart from high-quality ingredients and quality manufacturing of our products, even our packaging reflects the quality of our products. It is appealing to both consumers and professionals because we truly understand the need to cater for both markets.

At MUD we also aim to have a smaller footprint on the earth, and we live by the approach of ‘DO NO HARM’. For this reason, our Cosmetic line of products are moving over to being a Vegan-friendly line, and with all our brushes already being 100% vegan, fibre synthetic bristles. Our shopping bags are 100% bio-degradable plastics, and our recycled paper palettes are all re-usable. Our palettes are empty, refillable and magnetic. This means, when a specific item or colour is depleted, the packaging itself never has to be thrown away, but the refills can be replaced into the same container.

Our goal was to create products that matched our curriculum, met the standards of our educators, and was consistently available.


In South Africa, Brenda Thambe is the importer of MUD Cosmetics products to the African continent and director of MUD Africa. MUD Africa supplies the local South African market and neighbouring countries with MUD products, as well as operate the MUD Studio franchise group and MUD Schools. Our aim is to have MUD makeup available in every possible country in Africa – with MUD Studio franchises and MUD Schools at pre-selected outlets and partners.

Welcome to the World’s Makeup School. Welcome to MUD.

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